Poundland Hairdye Review- Hit or Miss.

Poundland are giants in the world of bargains. Most items cost only £1, and you can buy pretty much anything you need from the store. Everything from shower gels and perfumes to books and garden supplies. We’ve decided to do a complete test on one product that’s intrigued us for months, maybe even years. £1 permanent hair dye. 

I selected the dark brown shade from the brand Pro Colour Plus, and brought two packs. I naturally have straight light blonde hair, but I have been dying it various colours for around 6 years. I have had so many colours from pink, blue, grey, green, black, blonde with red etc. Surprisingly my hair isn’t in the worst condition ever. At the start of this test I had medium brown hair with blonde highlights and a blonde underneath. My hair is quite long.


The kit comes with a developer, a colour creme, a conditioner, gloves and instructions. It’s simple to create the dye. You just squeeze the colour cream tube into the bottle of developer, screw the lid on and shake away. I prepped my skin to avoid stains and burns by applying Vaseline along my hair line on my ears and neck.


The first thing I noticed is that one bottle would definitely not be enough for my whole head so I dd use both. The application was extremely easy. Just apply the mixture all over starting on my roots and any blonde bits. I then applied the dye to everywhere else. With the two bottles I was able to cover my whole head thickly. There was not one strand left unloved, When I did get the mix on my skin (it fell on my boob, and I am left with a brown little circle stain) there was no burning. There was a strong smell, which if your sensitive to strong smells this may be an issue. I left for the recommended 30 mins which is around average for home dyes.

Wash Out 

The one step with this kit that’s a little different and a bit confusing is that  you have to wet your hair a little, massage then rinse. If I use this dye again I am not sure I’ll remember this step. Anyway, after that I rinsed until the water ran clear as stated. I found my shower looked like a swamp, but I am a Shrek fan, so that wasn’t an issue, plus after a few seconds that went down the plug. I then applied the conditioner. Even with two sachets I didn’t have quite enough and so I had to apply some of my standard conditioner too. I left for 10 mins and then rinsed. The conditioner wasn’t strongly scented enough for my taste, as I love box dyes that have that salon scent conditioner. I usually leave my hair to dry naturally, however I did hair dry my hair this time.

The results.

My hair was all covered and almost the exact shade shown on the box. The thing I was most impressed with is my hairs condition. My hair felt so sleek and smooth. It shone in a natural way, and even a few days later there feels like zero damage to my hair.

Pro’s of Poundland Hair Dye.

This dyes affordable. I got great results within half hour development time. The natural results gave me 100% coverage. Oh and it looks awesome.


The kit doesn’t contain the greatest amounts of product, less then other leading brands. Strong and slightly irritating dye scent. The conditioner doesn’t have much of a sent.

Final thoughts. 

I am pretty much in love with the results of the Poundland hair dye. I’ll defiantly save myself money and repurchase this dye again.


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Written by Niki

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