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Celebrating Postmodern Jukebox: Our Favorite Songs!

If you don’t know Postmodern Jukebox by now, it’s time you delve into their rich catalogue of music and cherish each reimagined track. For those who do not know, Postmodern Jukebox takes popular songs and performs them in different styles. For example, they perform Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” as a Mariachi song.

They experiment with styles and languages, among other factors, which makes their songs unique and fun to listen to. No matter the style, each of their songs turns out fantastic and we’re left stunned each time. The following are some of our favorite covers by this sensational group:

“Sweater Weather” – Vintage French version

“Talk Dirty” – Vintage Klezmer version with Yiddish rap

“Maps” – Vintage 1970s soul version

“Hollaback Girl” – Vintage swing version

“Break Free” – Vintage ’70s “Tower of Power” version

The covers listed here are just a few of our favorites, but with a catalogue as massive as Postmodern Jukebox’s, there is a wealthy cache of songs in which you can find your own favorites! Their music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, and everywhere you buy and stream music!

Check out there music videos on their YouTube channel here.

Do you love Postmodern Jukebox as much as we do? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your favorite covers by them!

Written by Preston Smith

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