Plus size clothes for autumn

In my search for good looking plus size clothing I came across, a wholesale company of the Amsterdam brand Magna Fashion. Their style of the clothing really spoke to me. Therefore, I wanted to share a couple of musthave items for this Autumn.

Time to layer

During fall the weather often changes. One day it can be hot and the next day it could be freezing, so layers are the perfect outcome for this time of year. Take a basic outfit and dress it up with a poncho. When it gets a bit too warm during the day you can take off the poncho and you will still have a great simple outfit. With the weather getting colder it might also be necessary to start wearing jackets. Shorter jackets are ideal for layering. When it’s still warm outside but a bit too chilly for just a t-shirt or a blouse you could take along a blazer for instance.

Keeping the legs warm

Looking for something different than an old school skinny jeans? Check out wide leg trousers. You can dress it up with a blouse or blazer and dress it down with a simple t-shirt. Wide leg trousers are suitable for every situation and their comfortable too. When you still feel like wearing dresses go for it. You can still wear dresses when it is colder. Okay bare legs may be a little bit too cold, but then leggings are a great solution to this problem. It keeps you warm and you can still wear some of the dresses you used to wear during the summer. A classic win-win situation.

Animal prints

Let’s talk about prints. You can’t avoid animal prints this season. Animal prints were also the trend for the summer of 2018 and you will still see it a lot during the autumn. Combine a leopard print skirt with a simple black tee or go for a printed tunic. Choose a good animal printed item that will complete your outfit and you’re good to go.


One trend that is still going strong is the leather look. The use of leather gives your outfit a bit of an edgy vibe. Are you in the mood for a skirt? A leather pencil skirt is classic and still edgy. Create a tough look by throwing on a leather jacket. Don’t overdo the leather though. Choose just one leather look item for your outfit otherwise it might be overkill.

From classic brown to shiny silver

As for every season, there are a couple of colors that will ensure you totally fitting in with the fashion trend. For the autumn of 2018 you will see a lot of reds especially the Scottish check pattern. This will also be the season to wear a lot of brown. Brown is the new black this autumn. If you want to stand out even more go for silver. with a jacket, pants or shoes, you will definitely make a statement with a silver item in your outfit.

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