Places to Visit – Part 1

So firstly we would like to go to the first destination which is the Maldives….!

With more than a 1,000 stunning coral islands, made up of 26 coral atolls. As soon as your eyes meet the views and sights that are there to see you will be amazed. The marine life is apparently the most amazing you will ever be privileged to encounter. In this place you will never take a rubbish photo, it is impossible to do as everywhere is just so beautiful.

The Spa huts are very picturesque and offers the beautiful scenery. Some hotels offer free Champagne & Breakfast. The chic island retreat oozes luxury on a very very different scale….Individual cabins are dotted around between banyan trees and palm trees, which creates a spa village. See the below video of the very beautiful Paradise Island Resort & Spa.

Even if you are not an experienced diver you’ll definitely want to get a glimpse at the marine life, for example worldly mantra rays, turtles, reef sharks and lagoons covered in unique coral are a hundred percent worth a dip in the ocean to see. You can even experience restaurants where you are ‘under the sea’ with the fish, enjoy a relaxing meal with family or friends whilst losing track of time in complete awe.

You can’t visit the Maldives without trying their exquisite seafood, best on the menu is the mouth watering Lobster or delicious chargrilled Prawns, the Squid which is so soft and filled with so much flavour.

With over 1,000 islands in the Maldives it would be a real shame if you only saw the one…our advice to you, go and see as many of them as you can, they each hold their own secrets and their own personalities…just breath taking. But don’t worry if you cannot choose your favourite island, as no one ever can…!! 🙂

We really hope you enjoyed this article, I will be doing a part 2 so stay tuned…..

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