Pinky Goat Lashes Review: Could these be our favourite False Lashes Yet?

Here at Fuzzable, we have been on the hunt for the perfect false lashes for a while now. We have strict criteria, they need to be affordable, fluttery, whispy, suitable for day and night, cruelty-free, a thin lash band but not flimsy and reusable. That is our mission. We’ve tried lashes a lot of lashes, but we still haven’t found the perfect pair. We’ve found a new brand stocked in Superdrug ‘Pinky Goat’ and we have decided to try two sets in our search for the ultimate lash.

Who are Pinky Goat?

Pinky Goat is a fairly new cosmetics brand, they came into the beauty world just 3 years ago, however, have skyrocketed ever since. The lash company has won coveted awards such as d “Best New Beauty Brand Award” at the Pure Beauty Awards 2015 and along the way won celebrity fans such as Kim K’s makeup artist Mario – they’ve sponsored his Brazilian makeup masterclass.

What are we testing?

We are testing one of the sets of lashes today in the style Ruba  – this style is exclusive to Superdrug and also Pinky Goat’s own black eyelash glue.

First Impressions.

Everything from Pinky Goat is packaged stunningly. There is a black and pink theme throughout the whole range. The lashes are in between natural effect and full glam which is what we’ve been looking for. They are made with human hair, giving the lashes the most natural look, however, we are curious as to where on a human these hairs are sourced. The lash band is thin, but sturdy – allowing maximum comfort but maximum shape too which is a massive bonus.

The glue tube is slightly larger than other glues on the market. Again with beautiful packaging, but a thin nozzle for maximum precision. So far everything is perfect.



We did have to trim a little off the lash ends, but the box did come with very clear instructions which state if trimming is needed, to trim from the outer edge. They were simple to trim, with no horror stories included.

The glue is a perfect consistency, thick enough to not gloop everywhere but thin enough to manage. It isn’t jet back when wet, but when it has dried down it is the perfect black to go with any winged liner.

Wear Test.

We wore the lashes for 8 hours the day of the test. They did not feel heavy at all, in fact, they were extremely comfortable. There were no irritations, and the lashes stayed put the whole day. No need to touch up or reapply.

The Look.

Overall the lashes leaned a little closer to the glam side then the natural, but totally the style of lashes that you’d get away with on a day-to-day. They gave the most beautiful uplifted look, with a voluminous and whispy accent too.


Usually, when removing lashes after 8 hours, they have become stuck at the outer and inner corner, but these lashes and the glue had held perfectly. They looked as fresh and fluttery as when they were applied. They cleaned very easily – we just peeled the glue off, sanitized with contact lense solution and stored nicely back in the original packaging


Final Thoughts.

These lashes tick nearly every box of our list of requirements. The pricing is brilliant for the quality,  they certainly looked wispy and fluttery,  suitable for day and night if you liked the slightly bolder day look, we know the lashes are cruelty-free to animals but we are still wondering how these human hairs are sourced, the thin lash band was not flimsy and you can use these lashes up to 10 times if cleaned and looked after. correctly – so pretty much all our lash prayers were answered.

Where can you buy these lashes from?

Pinky Goat has recently launched in Superdrug, so you can get Ruba and many other styles and the best lash glue around here. There currently is an amazing 3 for 2 promotion on offer, so be quick!


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Written by Niki

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