“Pink California” by Eden Warsaw

While everyone has a different way of healing up and self-medicating their broken heart, some go way out of control when their emotions grip tighter on their souls and crush any positive possibility of recovery, while others just go slow and quiet, feeling the numbness. And when you are creative at your soul, some bask in the glory of songwriting, scribbling their thoughts into lyrics and melodies that helps healing their aching fresh wounds. Mark David, front man of electronic band Eden Warsaw chose this way to heal his heart and opened up to us. Toronto-based alternative/electronic/pop band, Eden Warsaw is back with a new video for their track “Pink California” from the Calm The Coast EP.

Four Canadians, Mark David (vocals, guitar), Phanat Chan (lead guitar), Kyle Densmore (drums), and Troy Donaldson (bass), comprise the gifted alternative act Eden Warsaw. “Pink California” showcases everything promising about the band. Lucious melodies, unwavering swagger, enthralling modern production, and seductive vocals. The band is bound for bigger stages and larger audiences, and this track is just another step in the undeniable trajectory.

Speaking of the single, the music video’s Director, Patrick Hodgson, left us with these words: “In ‘Pink California’ I wanted to explore how Mark and the band write their music, and how it bonds them together. Mark has a falling out with his girl, and the loft – bathed in pink light – becomes the writing sanctuary, their happy place, their California. All of the frustrations of life and relationships channel into their music, which begs us to consider the power and effect music has on us.”

Loaded with upward momentum, the group continue to slay the local scene while expanding their international presence through their mixture of alternative, electronic, and pop music. It recently won a Toronto Independent Music Award for their debut single “Somebody Tell Me” which has racked up 100k+ streams so far. They’re currently prepping for a big rest of the year with an east coast tour,as well as an EP release this fall/winter. There’s also a 13-track full-length album on the horizon for early 2019 featuring previously released singles “Boulevard” and Toronto Independent Music Award winner “Somebody Tell Me.”

Below is the link for the music video, if you haven’t checked it out this beautiful track yet, make sure you do or else you’re missing out big stuff.

You can also listen and stream the song here at Spotify and iTunes.

What do you think of this new release? Are you excited for the upcoming album as much as we are? Let us know in the comment section below or tweet us @fuzzable.

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