Pillsbury Gingerbread Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough
Pillsbury Gingerbread Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough

These Pillsbury holiday items will delight the whole family

Each year, Pillsbury releases holiday-themed desserts that bring the winter spirit into households across the U.S., and this year is no exception. In fact, the General Mills company introduced new products this year in addition to their holiday staples.

Like previous years, fans can purchase and enjoy Pillsbury’s sugar cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough. They come in their standard log forms so everyone can slice the dough for perfect, symmetrical cookies every time. This year, they’re joined by their gingerbread cookie dough, which comes in both log form and in cutout shapes. Whether you’re slicing it yourself or using this store-bought cookie dough to make gingerbread men with the family, you can look no further than your local grocery store for a fun and delicious time.

This year, too, sees the return of Pillsbury’s Hot Cocoa Grands! This cousin of the classic cinnamon roll takes on holiday flavors in a new way and can be best enjoyed with a hot mug of hot chocolate for a double dose of warmth and indulgence. These are also exceptional for Christmas morning when no one wants to spend hours in the kitchen cooking a full meal for the whole family. Pop some of these in the oven and everyone will come running from their decadent smell.

Your holiday parties are in good hands, too. In addition to the cutout gingerbread cookies (and their cutout sugar cookies), Pillsbury is offering their signature Shape Sugar Cookie Dough in a few varieties this year. You know the ones: the sugar cookies that have the cute holiday imagery on them. They’re buttery and perfectly sweet without being cloyingly so, and they can be found depicting Reindeer, Snowmen, and Christmas Trees this year. Moreover, Pillsbury is selling an “Elf” Shape Sugar Cookie Dough this year that features the titular character’s green elf hat.

The best part of these treats is their affordability. Many of these products, such as the Shape Sugar Cookie Doughs, are being sold at a rate of 2 packages for $5 this year, so you can stock up on plenty of them for the family, the office, or, frankly, yourself. They’re little, so eating a ton doesn’t count!

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