Pikachu is about to MAKE-UP your day!

He’s Yellow . . .

Cute . . .

Cuddly . . .

and highly Electric . . .

Guess who?


All 90’s kids will remember Anime’s coolest cartoon kid, with his retro gloves, spiky hair and of course his weird & wonderful pocket pals! Pokemon is easily one of the biggest franchises in the world, having rapidly expanded during recent years. What was once a classic video game, has developed into a film with ‘Detective Pikachu’ and has hit the app market with the massive fan-favorite ‘Pokemon Go’! Ash and his loveable friends have found their way back into our hearts and are here to stay! But what is next for the Anime giant?


Ash’s little yellow friend has become one of the most well-known mascots of any franchise and he’s about to get his very own make-up range. Anime News Network recently announced the news on Twitter that Shu Uemura are releasing an exclusive makeup range inspired by Pickachu, in winter this year.

It’s gonna be as hot as Ponyta’s hair!

Whether your style is cute like Jigglypuff, mysterious like Gastly or as Ninetales, this range has something for everyone! The high-end Makeup range is set to be released in two halves throughout November, and will consist of:

  • 12 color ‘Pikachu Thundershock’ eyeshadow palette
  • 9 color ‘Pikachu Brick Blast’ eyeshadow palette
  • ‘Pikachu Mythical Purple’ eyeshadow palette
  • ‘Rouge Unlimited Amplified’ lipstick
  • ‘Rouge Unlimited Amplified Matte’ lipstick

The first half will be released at the beginning of November, with the second half dropping later on in the month! The range is available to preorder from 25th October! We don’t know about you, but we cant wait!

What do you hope to see from the second half of the range?

Squirtle’s ‘Super Spray’ Setting Spray? How about Rhydon’s ‘Cut Through Diamonds’ eyeliner or maybe even Gastly’s ‘Devastating Lick’ Lipstick. Altaria’s ‘Soft as a Pillow’ Loose Powder, Snorlax’s ‘Snore No More’ Under Eye Concealer, Bulbasaur’s ‘Solar Beam’ Contour Stick and Nidoqueen’s ‘Powerful Tails’ Eyelashes sound like the ultimate must-haves for our every day makeup bags.

We wouldn’t feel guilty splashing out on Caterpie’s ‘Toxic Dust’ Setting Powder, Arbox’s ‘Paralyzing Glare’ Highlighter and Charmander’s ‘Flaming Tail’ Eyeshadow palette. We can’t want to see what comes next!

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Written by Amy Carr

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