Perfect Time To Have A Digital Detox?

The amount of people entering social media is gigantic. Every month grow the number of new users, in this the addiction of not being able to put the cell aside to grow absurdly. The years come and go but we do not let go of social media. We always want to be active every day is all the time. A time of friends, family and food. Pretty much the time of year to talk about a detox … but anyways, so be good friends.

Fortunately, this detox does not involve gluttony detox – only about spending less time on social media and more time dealing with your real life. So maybe it’s the perfect time of year, after all. We are in the third month of the year, we have many things to do mainly a detox.

I do not know, you remember the detoxification of Kendall Jenner Reveals Why She Left Instagram and Selena Gomez’s tips for a lifestyle detox are just what we need this holiday season in 2016.

There was speculation that Kendall could have done this after being stumbled upon the cover of Vogue Italia (apparently the ballet was incorrect – please see a dancer for more information), she says it has nothing to do with online abuse .
Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres in an interview, Jenner’s older sister explained that she just needed a break, feeling that she was spending a lot of time online. She explained: ‘I wanted a little break. I’m always on [Instagram]. I would wake up in the morning and I would look at the first thing. And go to bed and it was the last thing I would look at. I feel that I depended a little on that. ‘

The singer revealed that she took 90 days of detox to recover from the stress and nervous breakdown she was experiencing. In that time, Selena says, she was left without her cell phone, which she claims was one of the most refreshing, calming and rejuvenating sensations. “Now, I rarely get my cell phone and few people have access to me,” he said.

Fair enough, I think. Calling him a “detox,” as Kendall and Selena did in the interview, suggests there’s something toxic about social media that can outweigh it. While it is not necessarily a toxic environment, you may feel this way sometimes, and if everything is getting too much and taking over, then a chance might be a great idea. Personally, I get stressed out by the fact that I should “post on Instagram more than I do,” but honestly, I’m often spending all my time living my life, you know, without any makeup and reading books.

Now that we’re in the funniest chunks, such as welcome the cat with flat furniture, go back to Instagram. Maybe I’ve already had my detox in the race for the February season! Certainly, I understand when everything feels too much.

If you like a detox then it need not be as extreme as excluding bills or if you have more self-restraint than we ordinary humans then you know stop stop by them a little. Part of the social media detox is taking the pressure off yourself, so do not think too hard or plan hard, just know how you want to go back for a while.

Maybe you love and never want to come back. Perhaps the extra free time allows you to realize that it was not a social media that stressed you and gained a little perspective on what actually happened.

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