Lipstick colors for redheads
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The Perfect Lipstick Colors for Redheads

Finding your perfect lipstick shade, or even a lipstick shade that compliments you can be hard. We have done the research for you and compiled the perfect lipstick colors for redheads. This article will focus on colors just for redheads. We also have lists for brunettes, black hair, and blondes.

The most important things you want to look out for are your skin tone, your eye color, and your hair tone.


Skin Tone

There are three different types of skin tones, cool tones, warm tones, and neutral tones. Most redheads fall under the neutral tones.

If you have no idea what tones you have in your skin, we’ll help you figure it out! When looking at your skin, if see red/pink you have warmer undertones. If you see a yellow/green/blue color, you have cool undertones. If you see all of these or none of these particularly stand out to you, you probably have neutral undertones.

For everyone, we recommend a bright red lip, a soft tan, plum, dark red, coral, pink, dark pink, and browns. You should avoid oranges and bright pinks. Yes, there is a difference between pink and bright pink.

Warm undertones: a red with yellow undertones, jewel colors, coral, gold, and red with brown undertones

Cool undertones: a red with blue undertones, wine, pink, raspberry, and coral

Eye Color

Eye color is another thing you may have to look out for. When picking your colors, make sure they don’t clash with your eyes. When swatching colors, hold them up to your eyes and make sure they work well together.

Hair Tone

This one is probably the hardest. You want to make sure the color you have picked also compliments your hair. You can’t always pull off a bright firey red lipstick with bright red hair.You can’t always pull off a coral color when your hair is a bright orange. Make sure you pick a color that is a few shades darker than your hair color while still following the rules above.


With all of this being said, you do NOT have to follow these rules. You can wear whatever color of lipstick you want to and absolutely rock it. Your makeup is completely up to you. This is just a guide for people who would like to start wearing lipstick and don’t know what colors look good on them.



We would love to hear your other recommendations! Tweet us at @Fuzzable or leave a comment down below and let us know what colors you love. You can also find lipstick colors for blondes, brunettes, and black hair!

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