The Perfect Lipstick Colors for Black Hair

If you’ve got black hair, you have a multitude of makeup options. Let us help find your perfect lipstick.

You can also choose to play up your lips or go for something more subtle. Skin tone is definitely a factor when it comes to hues that will suit you best but generally, most colours work. Let’s break it down into some categories.

Lipstick For Fair Skin

If you have a pale complexion coupled with raven hair, the sky is pretty much the limit with colours for you but the ones that look the best are bright reds, corals/oranges, and pinks. Kat Von D‘s smorgasbord of colours are perfect for your fair skin.



Lipstick For Medium Skin

If you have tanned or olive skin, lots of colours look great on you as well, but the shades that best suit you are plums or dusty rose shades of pink. Tarte has great shades for your skin tone, the matte tint is easy to apply.


Lipstick For Deep Skin

Nude and berry tones look great on darker skin, a nice red or pink that’s not too garish works well too. The Body Shop and ELF have great shades for darker skin tones.


Image: ELF


All the shades look amazing with dark hair. You could definitely have some crossover but this will give you a great guide if you’re not sure what suits you.


Leave us a comment & let us know what shades you’re loving or tweet us at @Fuzzable! You can also find colors for redheads, blondes, and brunettes.

Written by Siobhan L Gale

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