Pass Microsoft 70-740 Exam with Practice Tests and Start Off Your Career in Computer Networking

If your professional interest is related to the computer networking field, then you’re reading the right post. This is the  IT area that many people want to make a difference in. To make this happen, the most important thing is to make sure that you start it right. That is why we will lead you in the proper direction and give you a piece of advice. In this case, the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification may be an ideal choice that you should consider. The first step in obtaining this credential is the Microsoft az-300 exam. This is the Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows test that is intended for the computer network specialists and network administrators. Let’s dive deeper into the details of this certification exam, including how you can prepare for it and what responsibilities you’re going to undertake once you qualify.

Important details of Microsoft70-740 exam

Microsoft 70-740 is designed for those individuals who are involved in performing specific tasks, such as installation, storage and compute based on the functionality of Windows Server 2016. Part of the work includes installation tasks, as well as the creation and management of images intended for deployment. This exam is the first of three required to get the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certificate. The other two tests are Microsoft 70-741 and Microsoft 70-742.

This two-hour test has 40-60 questions of various types. Itis possible for you to meet questions in different formats that include case study, active screen, best answer, multiple-choice, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, build list, and review screen. To proceed to the next step, you need 700 points and higher out of a possible 1000. Registration for Microsoft 70-740 includes a fee of $165.

Experience that you need before taking Microsoft 70-740 exam

You need expertise in certain areas to successfully ace this certification test. They are the following:

  • Solutions for local &server storage that include disk and volume configuration, data deduplication,storage spaces direct, failover clustering, and high availability;
  • Management of Hyper-V & containers;
  • Maintenance and monitoring of servers in physical & compute environments.

By ensuring you have dependable experience in these aspects of Windows Server 2016, you give yourself the opportunity to perform well in the exam. And when you get high results, you validate your readiness to take up your responsibilities as a computer networking specialist or a networking administrator. But what will be your responsibilities? Here is what we will discuss next.

Main responsibilities of computer networking specialists/administrators

As a computer networking specialist or a networking administrator, you need to be an expert in performing specific tasks that include the following:

  • Installing, configuring, and providing support to all network-based accessories found in different workstations.
  • Analyzing the client’s requirements for enhanced contribution to the development of networking tools.
  • Identifying and resolving hardware-related challenges to ensure better performance as well as detection of issues targeting network strategies.
  • Ensuring the stability of a network and regularly monitoring all work.
  • Performing, troubleshooting, and resolving network-related problems.
  • Regularly providing updates to Active Directory for Microsoft.
  • Assisting in plans and programs targeting growth.
  • Maintaining modern methods and techniques in computer-based firms.

To successfully carry out these responsibilities or functions, you need to undergo intense training and study. This means that you need reliable preparation resources for your Microsoft 70-740. Let’s find out what tools you can use and where to get them.

Reliable sources and updated resources for Microsoft70-740 exam

Achieving the passing score won’t come easy for you. It takes a lot of hard work, proper study materials, and efforts in the right direction. The following resources will form an important part of preparing and passing the 70-740 certification test:




To get it right, you first need to know what the purpose of this Microsoft test is. You will understand this by checking the exam objectives on the official website created to give you guidance. On this platform, the candidates can discover what the test entails, including its details and topics, how to register, as well as what policies or regulations to follow. Microsoft also guarantees you get access to the best training courses and the official study guide, together with links to the forums, free self-paced online training, and much more.




This is another great source for those students who want to pass Microsoft 70-740 and are going to become the computer networking experts. This platform helps the individuals download resources that include practice tests. PrepAway has a special premium bundle that also includes video tutorials and a study guide. This is meant to ensure you get excellent prep tools in one package so that it will be easier for you to prepare for your certification exam. These study materials have been compiled and uploaded by the IT professionals. They have also been certified by the experts as relevant and reliable. Another way this site helps one prepare is by providing access to free training resources.There are braindumps in the .ETE file format that you can download and immediately begin to prepare for your test.




Free video tutorials for any certification exam, including Microsoft 70-740, provide guidance on what the test entails and what you need to do to pass it. Get practical help for the examas you cover the objectives as well as the preparation content. You can get access to several videos that give you useful tips in many ways.


No expertise in any field can come by accident. You must go through the whole preparation process with great deliberation.It is going to benefit you in the end. The position of acomputer networking specialist needs proper attention if you want to succeed. Start your journey towards this exceptional IT career by passingMicrosoft 70-740. It is all about striving to score great marks in the test and ensuring you accomplish all the steps necessary to earn your MCSA credential.

Written by Monella

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