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Pandora releases adorable new Disney charm collection

Pandora has once again teamed up with Disney to release its cutest charm collection to date!

Whilst the global jewellery company has released numerous Disney charms in the past, this new eight-charm collection is the first to be designed with Disney’s in-house toy design team.

This must-have collection includes charms of Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Stitch, Marie, The Cheshire Cat, Nemo and Patch from 101 Dalmatians.

Each charm is £45, apart from the Nemo dangle charm, which costs £55. The silver charms feature a dash of colour, which bring some of the characters’ trademark elements to life. For example, the Marie charm features a pink bow, whilst Pluto has a green collar.

As well as these Disney favourites, Pandora has also unveiled two Mulan inspired charms. The Mulan dangle charm (£65) comes with an inspirational quote, whilst the red Mushu charm (£45) puts a spotlight on the famous sidekick.

If you fancy updating your jewellery collection, then you can check out the Pandora x Disney range in full here.

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