How to overcome being a picky eater

We all either are or know a picky eater, which simply means that you are choosey about what you eat. Maybe you don’t like certain foods or flavors, or maybe some textures are displeasing to your palette. However, we’ve been thinking about this a lot, and we realized through our own experiences that there is truly just one way to overcome this: experiment!

This may sound incredibly generic, but cooking is really the only way to guarantee that you know everything about what you’re going to eat. You’ll know what flavors and textures you’ll be tasting when you eat, and that’s important for a picky eater.

Cooking can be and is a lot of fun, and that also extends to baking. If you’re in control, you can experiment with flavors and try foods in new ways. Don’t like some vegetables raw? Why not try them in different preparations? For example, if you do not like raw cauliflower, try oven roasting florets with olive oil and seasonings of your choice.

Done experimenting with cooking? Baking can follow the same way due to the versatility of most bakes. Cookies and cakes both come in a large variety of forms, in which their textures and density, for example, vary. Therefore, you can find a style that works for you and add whatever flavors you love to enhance them!

Essentially, we want to spread the message of not only cooking and experimenting but also of enjoying food to the best of your ability. We sadly only live once, and since food is one of the greatest indulgences in life, it’s worth spending the extra time in the kitchen to discover flavors, textures, foods, and complete dishes that you may not have known you loved before.

In this same vein, spend the extra time researching foods. Look into recipes online or in cookbooks, and note what you might or might not love about them. Once you’ve grown through your own research and cooking, you will be able to enjoy so much more food out in the world. You’ll be immersed in a new culinary world. Though cooking can be scary for some, we hope you come out of your comfort zone and enjoy all of the many delicious foods this world has to offer.

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Written by Preston Smith

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