How to Overcome the Pain Without Pills

There are situations in which you cannot show the pain, and sometimes, you are ready to do anything to reduce it a little. A nightstand that meets your little finger, a low doorway, or a tumble down on the ice is usually accompanied by curses and severe pain. Fortunately, our brain is unique and gives us the means to overcome the pain. There are several lifehacks from on how to overcome back pain and other types of physical pain if it is not too severe.

Brain and pain

Our brain filters and processes all information, getting from the body, so it is responsible for the pain. The brain reacts to pain, but the good news is that you can redirect its attention to other stimuli, some actions or events. The brain reacts to the pain, giving commands to the receptors that make you feel unpleasant sensations. However, you can reconfigure yourself and reduce the pain, it all depends on the power of persuasion. Our consciousness is so unique that you can believe in anything you want.

Laughter helps overcome the pain

Sometimes, distracting from pain is the best way to overcome it. How to overcome menstrual pain? Replace the negative emotions of anxiety and despair with humor, and you will feel the pain wanes. It turns out that laughter raises the pain threshold. Laughter acts on the body in such a way that it forces to produce endorphins that are also called the hormone of happiness. It will not only reduce the pain threshold but also the unpleasant sensation itself. In addition, people are more likely to laugh in the presence of others than in solitude and to be more precise, people laugh 30 times more often in a company than alone. Physiotherapists say that laughter and humor help reduce pain and distract attention from the stimulus.

Relaxation and visualization

It may seem ridiculous to you, but these methods do work. Visualization is a great practice that helps distract from pain, thereby reducing it. Imagining in your head some events, landscapes, a place in which you are, the brain will be concentrated on this process and not on pain sensations. There are whole classes where they learn to overcome neck and back pain by relaxing the muscles. Breathing exercises are an important part of this practice, so if you don’t know how to overcome chronic pain, then try one of the described methods.

Fight the fear

An interesting fact is that fear can increase the pain. Remember the childhood when you injured knees, but continued to play without noticing it. And at the moment, when someone paid your attention to the wound, you were frightened of the consequences and could burst into tears, and nobody was able to cope with it. The mechanism is simple. You see the wound, and the most dramatic events begin to take place in our mind that can unfold further. The body experiences pain because of that, and the nervous system experiences emotional stress, these two factors make you feel pain. So, to overcome the pain, first of all, fight your own fear.

Any effective way that will help distract

Of course, it can be a long-lasting pain that you are not able to overcome, trying to relax all the time. There is only one piece of advice, do something that will help distract. Go out to the park for a walk, invite your friends to talk and discuss some interesting topic, watch your favorite TV show, write something down. In general, find any activity to your liking, in which you can completely immerse yourself and forget about the pain at least for a while. Most importantly, do not fall into despair. It is typical for many people who suffer from chronic pain. Anyway, a long-awaited recovery will come sooner or later.

Written by MonLex

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