Our Top 5 Musicals

Talking about musicals is always a matter of taste. It’s even more difficult than buying a concert ticket! You like the band or singer you want to see live and try to get a ticket. But with musicals, it’s a bit different.

There are so many questions that need to be answered before you make the call or place your order for the ticket online. Just something along the lines of: Will I be interested in it? What kind of music will be included? Will it be a drama or a comedy? Is there a proper storyline, or is it another setting to tell a story?

Maybe you’ve seen some musicals already like Kinky Boots, Phantom Of The Opera, Chicago or If/Then and you really liked them, but you might be a bit hesitating about your next choice. Maybe you’re very interested to finally see a musical for the first time ever, but you are unsure where to start!
The world of musical theater is wide and gives us as an audience so many opportunities to step onto different journeys.

We meet characters, we fall in love with stories we thought would never appeal to us and we leave the theatre with a smile on our faces and, the music in our ears and a lot of motivation, positivity and joy in our hearts.
There are so many different genres musicals can be placed in. In these top 5 (in no particular order) we take a look at some very well-known pieces and some you maybe haven’t come across yet.

5. Beauty and the Beast
Most of us will know this beautiful fairy tale of the cruel prince and the strong, fierce and beautiful Belle as one of Disney’s masterpieces. Some of us will even have a specific childhood memory of it, seeing it at the cinema for the first time ever – maybe it was, in fact, your first ever cinema visit!

Either way, having dancing dishes, Lumière, Cogsworth and Chip dancing on stage with all the others will take you back to all those memories and create new ones, and of course Madame Pottine – Mrs Potts – will give us one of the most beautiful songs there is: The Beauty And The Beast theme song.

4. Mary Poppins
Jane and Michael Banks, Bert and the Cherry Tree Lane… Who doesn’t have to think of Mary Poppins in that very second? The story of the magical nanny, which appears flying with her umbrella in hand out of the middle of nowhere to fix the lives of the Banks’ family, is loud, funny, cute, colorful and just a joy to watch.

You will find songs you’re singing along since you’re a little child, such as Step In Time or the all so well-known tong twister Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, which follow us since we heard Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke sing them for the first time just as extra created songs to let the musical shine even more.

You will see a beautiful, magical set, which you won’t forget, including the moment as Mary Poppins opens her umbrella again to fly away and disappear above our heads into the middle of nowhere where she came from until the time another family will need her.

3. Wicked
Everyone of us somehow knows the story about Dorothy Gale and her journey to Oz and what happened as she met the mysterious wizard!
Wicked takes the retelling and the story of a beautiful friendship between two completely different characters onto the stage.

Elphaba, a witch which was born green and just won’t fit in, as much as she tries to do so and Glinda, the Good Witch. Glinda fits in perfectly, pretty, bubbly, beautiful, blond and the girlfriend of a prince – Prince Fiyero.

Standing up for what you believe and for what’s wrong should be a natural thing. The musical shows the effect of what happens when someone who feels like a misfit, but has a heart of gold, even if she’s green, stands up for the right thing.

It shows how deep friendship can be – so deep you sacrifice it to the good of Oz – and a love… A love between two people which should have been together, when it comes to the opinion of everyone in all of Oz, but is stronger than anything, they ever experienced.

So Glinda, Elphaba and Fiyero have to take on their destiny and they take you onto their journey.

2. Irish Celtic
Irish Celtic is a pub. The owner – Paddy – is the narrator of the show.
He tells you about all the funny little details why it is so special to be Irish, what makes it so important to stay grounded and be true to your roots.
You’ll learn so many different things about the history of this green, beautiful country, you’ll get traditional music, dance, and jokes.

The show will open and touch your heart and, as Paddy says, it’s going to make you a little bit Irish, doesn’t matter where you’re actually coming from.

And we learn: Ireland is music. Ireland is green. Ireland is beer. Ireland is music. Ireland is magical.

1. The 27 Club
Some of the most amazing bands and singers of our time were influenced by musicians which didn’t made it over a very specific age.


The soul singer Robert Johnson was the first member of the mysterious 27 club, as he died at exactly that age.

Sadly, many amazing, talented singers joined that club over the years. Every single time a tragic, sad and way too early loss. But it was what made them immortal at the same time.

The 27 Club is an ensemble cast, which gets all the gods and goddesses of music back on stage – all together. These include Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse to just name a few.

As Brian Jones wasn’t the frontman of the Rolling Stones, besides of all the fantastic representations such as the King of Grunge, Kurt Cobain, the young Goddess of Soul, Amy Winehouse, the beautiful Janis Joplin and you’ll also see a very young Keith Richards and Mick Jagger rocking the stage to some of the most brilliant and catchy Rolling Stones songs there are.

It is touching and sad, but at the same time, you’ll experience a party like no other and you will make memories…Memories which will pop up from then on, whenever one of the songs of these artists will be played and like that, they will be indeed – 27 forever – but also unforgettable.

Was your favorite musical on the list? If so, tell us which one it is, and if not let us know via Twitter which one we missed out on!

Written by Vanessa

I love writing, music, especially concerts and books!
In my spare time you will find me at my favourite bookstore checking on all the new releases, at a coffee shop reading or writing my own little bits and pieces. In that time, I mostly listen to my favourite songs by McFly, 5 Seconds Of Summer, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Green Day, The Rolling Stones or the Beatles.
And I LOVE to wear something with stripes and polka dots!

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