Our Top 5 Halloween Songs Of All Time!

It’s that time of year again guys and gals so dust of your devil horns, floss your Vampire fangs and shine your Skeletons…


Which can only mean one thing… it’s party time! But no party is complete without a killer playlist to bring your party to life, well sort of (if you know what we mean).

Have no fear we here at Fuzzable have got you covered this Halloween. We have taken the liberty of devising a perfectly spooktacular list of our top five Halloween tracks, sure to awaken the ghouls and raise the dead!

Number Five: ‘Ghostbusters’ Theme Tune

At number five is the classic ghostly favourite ‘Ghostbusters’. With the release of the new version in 2016, this track has been given a a new lease of life and deserves to reawakened each Halloween. This one is sure to start a dance off between your living guests and those with costumes from beyond the grave.

Number Four: The Nightmare Before Christmas – ‘This Is Halloween’

Number four sees a Disney favourite creeping its way onto the list, of course it is none other than the infectious Nightmare Before Christmas song ‘This Is Halloween’. The repetition throughout this one will be sure to brainwash your guests and begin creating a party vibe Jack Skellington would be proud of!

Number Three: Rockwell –  ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’

Number Three sees the introduction of one of the eeriest songs out there, it’s none other than ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’. As darkness draws in on your party the ghouls come out to play, create a spooky spotlight and let them each show what they are made of with this perfect show off style dance number.

Number Two: Bobby Pickett – ‘The Monster Mash’

At number two, just narrowly missing out on the top spot, is the famous ‘Monster Mash’. Bringing all demons, devils and dead together, this one will start a fire within them that will last all night. Who will do the best Frankenstein impression? Will it be Frank himself? or maybe Dracula, The Corpse Bride or even Morticia Addams will do it better. Give it a try and find out!

Number One: Michael Jackson – ‘Thriller’

Can we get a bone drum roll please?

Hitting the top spot as the ultimate best Halloween song of all time is the king of Zombies himself Mr Michael Jackson with the truly brilliant ‘Thriller!’ No party is complete without this absolute spooktacular addition. Time to perfect your zombie dancing skills and battle it out with your friends. Who knows maybe the legend himself dressed in his devilish red attire, will be at your party to show you all how it is done.

Bonus Track: Rocky Horror Picture Show – ‘The Time Warp’

If you run out of bone tingling, Zombie awakening lullabys, then give ‘The Time Warp’ a try! Every Ghost, Goblin and Ghoul knows this one and will be sure to put on a spooky parade. Just be sure to keep an eye on those skeletons, we don’t want them breaking a bone!

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Written by Amy Carr

Hey, my name's Amy!

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