Our Social Collective welcomes Louis Nicolas Darbon to the family

Our Social Collective has welcomed Louis Nicolas Darbon to their ever growing family.  OSC took to Instagram make the announcement.

Louis is an artist. He is well known as a contemporary artist influenced by pop art, neo-expressionism and street art. And for his various iconic pop figure portraits and fashion inspired artworks. You can check out some of his artwork here.

He also works on various fashion projects including illustrations projects, working with different brands on digital campaigns and writing a menswear focused blog on his website.

Louis is the first male that OSC has announced they are working with. They have previously announced they are working Camila Carril, Our Glow Edit, The Tripletsss and Sophia Smith.

OSC has been sharing loads of sneak peeks of the things they have been working on ahead of their launch which is coming really soon!

Sophia Smith has been sharing some photos of the clothing collection she will launch with the help of OSC, and we love every piece we have seen so far.




Whose collection are you most excited to see when OSC launches? Let us know in the comments below or over on @Fuzzable!





Written by Kelly McFarland

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