Our Favourite Love Songs of All Time!

The most romantic day of the year has finally arrived!

Whether you are pro-Valentines, anti-valentines, a hopeless romantic or a cosy sofa night snuggler, we all deserve a little love this time of the year. Luckily some of the biggest names in the music business have dedicated their themselves to creating musical masterpieces to not only set the mood but get those romantic emotions flowing.

We here at Fuzzable have compiled a list of our ‘Top 14 Love Songs” in honour of the beloved Saint Valentine.


14. Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

At number Fourteen is a classic from the ultimate old school queen Bonnie Tyler, of course it’s the spectacular Total Eclipse of the Heart. This song has gone down in history as one of those MUST sing along songs, as Bonnie’s raspy tone is hard to resist.


13. Bonjovi – Always

At number Thirteen is everyone’s favourite rock gods, Bonjovi. These guys are known for their powerful lyrics and massive edges party starter tunes, but also have a soft side, holding some of the most beautiful ballads of all time under their belt that will stay with you Always!


12. Taylor Swift – Enchanted

Sliding in at number Twelve is one of the most popular female love song writers of the 21st Century, Taylor Swift. She is known for her perfectly beautiful ballads such as Love Story, Fearless and You Belong With Me, which incorporate perfect personal lyrics. However, Enchanted rises above all her ballads by demonstrating a pure devotion of love which we can all relate to.


11. Charlene Sorora – Wherever You Will Go

Number Eleven sees a modern version of an old classic, performed by the incredibly talented Charlene Soraria. Her voice is effortless and elegant which gives Wherever You Will Go a touch of class and pulls on the heart strings more than ever before.


10. U2 – With or Without You

Now we couldn’t possibly make a list of love songs and not include rock giants, U2 could we! Sitting pretty at number Ten is the heart-wrenching With or Without You. I’m sure we are all guilty of having sang along to this one at the top of our lungs, at least once in our lives. If you are a true Friends fan, this song will take you right back to Ross & Rachel and remind you that love isn’t always easy.

9. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

At number Nine is one of the most popular first dance songs of 2011, Christina Perri’s emotional masterpiece, A Thousand Years. First made popular as the closing theme of Stephanie Meyer’s world renowned Twilight Saga, the beautiful ballad reminds us all that we are so blessed to be loved, and that no amount of time with someone is long enough but let’s start with forever!


8. Gabrielle Aplin – The Power of Love

Proudly sat at number Eight is another re-release of an absolute classic, this time performer by Gabrielle Aplin. First recorded by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the lyrical lullaby was further made popular by Retail giants John Lewis, as part of their Christmas advert campaign. Fans have since fallen in love with the pure raw emotion expressed with every word.


7. Jessie J – Flashlight

Written for the musical masterpiece Pitch Perfect 2, number seven is of course Jessie J’s Flashlight. This hauntingly breathtaking ballad perfectly presents to us all the true meaning of love, and reminds us that as long as you have each other you have all you need. There will always be someone to guide you through the dark


6. Robbie Williams – Angels

Climbing his way into the number Six spot is one of the biggest and best entertainers the pop world has ever seen, none other than Mr. Robbie Williams. Known for his unapologetically truthful numbers such as She’s the One, Eternity and Love My Life, Robbie is no stranger to the romantic ballad, but one triumphs above all. That victory goes to the almighty Angels, which everyone knows, loves and has sang along to rather badly far to many times.


5. Lewis Capaldi – Before You Go

At number Five is 2019’s king of heartbreak ballads, the phenomenal Lewis Capaldi. The newly proclaimed Scottish singer/songwriter is blessed with the voice of an absolute angel and a simplistic beautiful lyrical ability, destined to leave us all in tears. Lewis’ work is extremely relatable which means his songs hit deeply and stick with you even once it’s ended.


4. The Vamps – Paper Heart

Just missing out on the top three and therefore sitting comfortably at number four, is British band The Vamps. Fast becoming a popular household name for their ever growing dedicated fan base. The extremely talented four piece have conducted lyrical Alchemy on many occasions with hits such as Risk It All, Sometimes, Time Is Not On Our Side and Stolen Moments, however aren’t well known by the masses and clearly deserve more praise for their beautiful ballads. One of which is the incredible Paper Hearts. Front man Brad Simpson has the voice of an angel and sings with such passion and raw emotion that makes any feel as though he can see deep into their soul, this one is definitely worth a listen.


3. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

In third place is arguably one of the most well known romantic classics of all time, performed by one of the most powerful voices in the entire music industry. It has to be none other than Whitney Houston with the massive ballad, I Will Always Love You. Not only is this one of the most challenging female vocals of all time, but also one of the most well known love songs in the entire world. I’m pretty sure we can vouch for everyone when we say we’ve all really badly and unapologetically sang along to to this one, definitely in the wrong tone.


2. Enrique Iglesias – Hero

Just missing out on the top spot at number Two is none other than the handsome Latino heartthrob, Enrique Iglesias. The worldwide smooth talking  Spanish sensation is well known for making his female fans fall weak at the knees with ballads such as Escape, Only A Woman and Somebody’s Me, but one of them has well and truly captivated our hearts more than others. Therefore our second favourite love song of all time is the all time classic Hero. To have this song dedicated to them is every girl everywhere’s ultimate guilty pleasure, and we know it!


1. Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On

Can we get a drum roll please? . . . sitting at the top spot and therefore crowned our favourite love song of all time, is one of the biggest movie soundtracks of all time, it has to be Celine Dion with the eerily beautiful My Heart Will Go On. Known globally as the iconic Titanic theme song, this ballad cuts deeper than any other on the list. Not only does this song use painfully raw lyrical emotion, but it also carries with it the trauma and heartache of one of the worlds most well known tragedies certain to induce a tear, making it the most powerful love song of all time.

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Written by Amy Carr

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