Anastasia kingsnorth
credit: Skinnydip London

Our favourite items from the Anastasia Kingsnorth x Skinnydip collection

The Anastasia Kingsnorth x Skinnydip collection is finally here and we are 100% obsessed!

It’s no secret that Skinnydip is one of our favourite brands so when we heard that they’d been working with Anna – one of the most amazing girl bosses out there – we just knew that this was going to be one incredible collection.

Made up of 30 gorgeous pieces, the collection truly embodies Anastasia as a person – from her love of food, travel and palm leaf prints, to fun and empowering slogans. The collection even includes a hilarious ‘What A Rip Off!’ t-shirt, inspired by a clip of her brother Atticus which went viral.

In celebration of this iconic collaboration, we’ve rounded up some of our must have items from the highly anticipated collection!

Palm print shock case – £18

Just like Anastasia, we love a good palm print and it features heavily across her amazing collection. One of our favourite pieces is this lush phone case which was designed by the queen herself. If you can’t get enough of the palm print, then it’s also available as a wash bag, makeup bag, and even features on some clothing!



Love Yourself t-shirt – £18

We’re all about self-love so this empowering ‘Love Yourself’ tee is definitely a favourite of ours. Available in a classic white colour, it features the slogan in a fun pink font and will look great with jeans or cycling shorts.

Anastasia Kingsnorth
credit: Skinnydip London

Bad Bitch Energy tote bag – £30

This bag gives us YASSS QUEEN vibes every time we look at it. Show off your inner BB energy with this simple yet stylish tote, which is perfect for carrying around your day-to-day essentials.

Anastasia Kingsnorth
credit: Skinnydip London

First, Food jumper – £28

It’s no secret that Anna is a big lover of food, whether it’s her beloved Maccies or a cheeky mukbang in the car with her pals. This embroidered ‘But First, Food’ jumper is so relatable and also looks super cute. Grey in colour, it features the slogan in a variety of pastels and is perfect for the autumn season.

Anastasia Kingsnorth
credit: Skinnydip London

Catch Flights Not Feelings phone case – £18

Our girl Anna loves to travel, and whilst we’re doing very little of that atm due to the pandemic, this plane ticket inspired phone case will give you the airport vibes you need to tide you over. Not only does it feature sayings such as ‘catch flights not feelings’, ‘first class babe’, and ‘off to build by empire, but the numbers featured are personal to Anastasia, Atticus and their mum’s birthdays!

Permanently Tired dressing gown – £32

Marking the first time that Skinnydip has ever released dressing gowns, we are loving this Anastasia inspired offering which features ‘Permanently Tired’ on the back. This ultra cosy gown is perfect for chill days and will keep you warm during the cold winter evenings too!

credit: Skinnydip London

The Anastasia x Skinnydip collection is available now!

What’s your favourite item from the Anastasia Kingsnorth x Skinnydip collection? Let us know on Twitter @Fuzzable

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