Our 5 favourite viral fashion trends for Autumn 2020

There is no doubt apps like Pinterest, TikTok and of course Instagram have definitely influenced the fashion industry and the way we dress. So, we’ve compiled some of our favourite trends for this season, alongside which of your most-loved influencers have been wearing them and where to buy!



Leather is definitely going to be a staple for autumn/winter and we absolutely love it. Trousers, blazers, skirts – they are all super versatile and can be dressed up or down for either a casual day shopping or a dinner at an up-market restaurant. Zara is stocking all our favourite leather staples this season with leggings at £19.99 and over-shirts starting from £29.99 – and we are obsessed!



Animal print has definitely taken over our wardrobes this season! From patterned trousers to cute tops and cardigans, we absolutely can’t get enough of it – and can you blame us? The print really has taken over both our clothes and accessories – and we are loving animal print bags and even face masks! ASOS are stocking a range of printed masks – even with matching scrunchies for £14.00 and you can shop these here



At Fuzzable, we love the comeback of sweater vests – keeping us cosy but also chic through the season! Style either alone, with a t-shirt, a roll neck top or over a shirt – it really is perfect for any weather and any outfit



Cardigans are the perfect addition to your wardrobe this season – whether they’re pain or patterned they look super cute paired with any outfit. We love using them to create a cute layered look – keeping you warm and stylish through the season!




Oversized sweatshirts are perfect as it starts to get colder – and the bigger the better! We love pairing them with a collared shirt, or with matching sweatpants – they can really be added to any outfit. Sites like Pretty Little Thing are perfect for your basics with a massive range of colours for an average of £15! Basic sweatshirts are really a wardrobe essential this season – and you could also check out Depop for some vintage designs.



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Written by Sophie Bates

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