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Our 3 Favorite Shane Dawson Series From 2018

Shane Dawson has had one wild year with the change of content on this channel, and we’ve been impressed with each and every one of the series he has released. His subscriber count has grown as his content changed, and we couldn’t be any happier to see this growth because his work has changed and still is changing what YouTube as a platform can be and what YouTubers can do to produce content. Here, after watching all of Shane’s series from this year, we have chosen our favorite three – and we recommend you go watch not only these three series, but all of his projects from this year!

1. “The Secret World of Jeffree Star”

It was only a matter of time before these two influencers became friends, with both of them being friends of Trisha Paytas, and we’re so happy they did connect further outside of their few prior collaborations. This series brought raw emotion, authentic comedy, and a natural feeling of connection to everyone involved. Jeffree Star has been an enigma on the internet for so long, and Shane Dawson was able to both create an incredibly gripping series and finally help viewers see the person behind Jeffree Star’s brand.

2. The Grav3yardgirl Series

Shane Dawson, in this series, travels to Texas to help Bunny, aka Grav3yardgirl, with her YouTube channel. Even more than with the Jeffree Star series, the storytelling here really made us feel every emotion. We were sad for Bunny’s situation, but we also grew ever hopeful for the future of her channel. We see Shane really helping her here, and seeing that sort of camaraderie in the age we live in is beautiful.

3. “Switching Lives with Trisha Paytas”

We knew Shane’s series this year were going to be phenomenal as soon as he announced and uploaded the first part of this series. Trisha Paytas as a YouTube legend, having been on the site for over a decade, and she leads an extremely interesting life – and she’s friends with Shane to boot. Seeing the two of them live as each other was entertaining on top of being simply iconic. Incorporating Shane’s mother and Jesus (literally) into the mix was hilarious and fulfilling. Overall, this series will always be a standout.

Regarding “The Mind of Jake Paul”

While compiling our favorite Shane Dawson series from this year, we struggled with whether we should add Jake Paul’s series or not. Don’t fret, though, as we have nothing negative to say about the series. On the contrary, we thought this series was great and with it being stellar and so much longer than his other series, we didn’t feel it was fair to compare it to the others. Rather, it stands as its own entity and we appreciate it for that.

Which of Shane Dawson’s series this year are your favorite? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your thoughts and opinions on Shane and his series!

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