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A Guide to Ordering the Best Drinks at Starbucks (and other coffee shops)!

We’ve all experienced that awkward first time at a coffee shop (whether Starbucks or otherwise) and not knowing what to order. You can choose from a slew of specialty drinks (such as macchiato or caramel latte) or begin with a blank canvas (such as coffee or black/green tea). Either way, menus can be overwhelming, especially because drinks are customizable, so we’ve drafted the perfect guide to ordering your perfect cup of coffee or tea!

Add a fun flavor!

One of the best parts of ordering at a cafe is being able to customize your drinks. One fun thing you can do is add a flavor or syrup to your drink to spice it up and make it completely your own. At Starbucks, one of our favorite flavors to add is raspberry syrup to their green tea latte. The raspberry and matcha tastes balance extremely well off of each other, and it creates a refreshing drink. Regardless of what flavor you add, just be yourself and experiment!

Add a shot of espresso!

Where some drinks pair perfectly with flavors or syrups, others pair perfectly with added shots of espresso. Perfect examples of these drinks include hot chocolate and chai tea. Chocolate and coffee are classic complements to each other, and espresso adds the perfect zing to chai tea, which consists of so many warm spices. Regardless of what you add espresso to, it’s bound to develop the flavor of your drink and give you a boost to finish out your day!

Switch up your temperature!

While experimenting with ordering drinks, you should definitely try different temperatures. It is so easy to get stuck ordering hot drinks or iced drinks, but trying something new, such as your favorite drink as the opposite temperature, may just reignite your love for cafes and the diversity of drinks they offer!

Add something random!

After deciding your temperature, flavors, and potential espresso shots, you can consider whether you want to add something random to make it even more of your own. At Starbucks, some of our favorite random things to add to drinks are chai tea and lemonade. The chai tea tastes wonderful when added to iced coffee, and the lemonade tastes divine when added to one of Starbucks’ refreshers (our favorites are the strawberry açaí and the mango dragonfruit).

What are your favorite drinks to order at Starbucks and other coffee shops? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your coffee/tea opinions!

Written by Preston Smith

capricorn, coffee addict, cat owner

twitter & instagram: @psm_writes

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