An Open Letter to ‘The Fosters’

The Fosters has just ended after a five season run on Freeform, and I cannot stop thinking about what its legacy will be. I first think that its conclusion ultimately came far too soon, and I then remind myself that all good things come to an end.

But I do think the end shouldn’t have been so soon. I do not say this as an avid fan of the series, though I would identify myself as one, but rather as someone who sees a brighter future for America – one that includes more citizens that resemble the characters in the series.

The Fosters, from its debut until its final hour this week, championed human rights and the bringing together of people. In a nutshell, it fought for love. And that’s what America needs.

On top of working to normalize LGBT+ individuals, relationships, and parenting, The Fosters offered critiques on topics ranging from America’s adoption system to America’s issue with human trafficking to xenophobia – and far many more important topics throughout its tenure on television.

While some shows operate as an escape from reality in attempts to offer hope, The Fosters directly offers hope about America in its present state. In our current political situation, where conservative and liberal lines are being drawn farther and farther apart, where hatred seems to multiply and manifest, matters often look dim. That is, until I would watch The Fosters and realize that we can always turn things around and celebrate humanity and love rather than furthering our descent.

Ultimately, I want to say this: Thank you. Thank you to the creators, writers, actors, and everyone who worked to bring the series to our televisions each week. The series helped kindle optimism in me on a grand scale, but it also helped me in my everyday life. The Adams Fosters remain, at least in my opinion, the most lifelike family on television, and I learned a lot from them. I could relate to each character for different reasons, and it made me want to maintain and nurture healthy connections with my own family.

The Fosters is beautiful, and its beauty will always be in the back of my mind. Humanity is beautiful. With the series over, and having thought about the series a lot, I want to start making changes in my personal life to show the beauty in humanity. I want to reach out to people, compliment people more, take part in dialogues surrounding human rights – just anything I can to do my part.

How about you? Do you love The Fosters, or just want to begin instilling small changes into your daily life? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with your thoughts!

Written by Preston Smith

capricorn, coffee addict, cat owner

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