Now It’s Edward’s Turn!

Calling all Twihards, it’s time to dust off your Team Edward and Jacob T-shirts once more! We have some exciting news that is sure to reawaken the true Vampire or Werewolf within thee . . . It’s time to return to Phoenix, Arizona.

Twilight fans all over the world crashed the internet today, as the globally renowned author Stephanie Meyer’s online countdown clock finally hit zero.

Twelve years after cancelling the project, Meyer has announced the long-awaited release of the fifth addition to the much loved ‘Twilight Saga’, Midnight Sun. The basis for this novel is “The classic myth of Hades and Persephone” in order to revisit the classic love story of Edward and Bella from Edward’s perspective.



Published by Hachette Book Group and Little Brown Books, set for release on August 4th 2020, Meyer explains the novel began as a writing exercise on and off for fourteen years. The new novel is set to be darker and more desperate, the stakes are higher due to it being told from Edward’s point of view, specific aspects and dialogue had to be incorporated for ‘Midnight Sun’ fit with ‘Twilight’.

When asked why she chose now to release ‘Midnight Sun’, Meyer stated “There’s so much going on that’s negative and bad, and I can’t really do much about most of that,” she says. “But if I can give people something to be excited about, something to think about that’s not bad, then that’s a win.”

How excited are you to get your hands on this exciting new novel? We just can’t wait!


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Written by Amy Carr

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