Nivea Urban Skin- Skin heaven or skin hell?

Nivea is the skin care brand that’s been around for over 100 years. They are known for their approach to beauty and skincare being revolutionary and essential to everyone’s routine. We were sent the new ‘Urban Skin’ range by our friends BzzAgent (check BzzAgent out if you want to test the latest products for free) and we thought we’d share our thoughts and findings with you.

The Nivea Urban Skin range has been created to combat the issues our skins face because of living in a city climate. Living in an urban area can bring a whole heap of issues from pollution and dirt getting in your pores and causing mass break outs, the chemicals in the air drying your skin and causing premature ageing (one thing we are super scared of). The range has 3 types of skins masks, a day cream and a night cream.We were sent the day cream, night cream the purify urban mask and the pore refine urban mask.

Day cream- The day cream is made to protect your skin and hydrate it. It claims to provide moisture for 48 hours. The power ingredients in this are bio green tea extract and anti-oxidant. I found this gel like formula to be super cooling on my skin on application, it smelt like a spa and instantly my skin felt hydrated. Although I haven’t tested 48 hours between moisturising, the time between application of this and then the night cream is around 14 hours.

Night cream – Where the day cream is more of a prevention cream, the night cream is more of a restoration cream. Like the day cream it contains green tea extract and anti-oxidant, but it also contains the super ingredient hyaluronic acid. Like the day cream it applied beautifully. I left this on for the remaining 10 hours of the day.

Pore mask- This mask is made to be magic for us who suffer with enlarged pores. It’s formulated to clear pores out from the dirt and grime the city life fills our pores with, and the magnolia extract soothes and shrinks pores. It’s also self heating. The best part of this mask was the fact it’s a minuite miricle. You only need it on for sixty seconds. I found it so easy to use, it smelt and felt incredible. I used this twice a week over a period of a month.

Detox mask- The highlight of this whole launch is the one minute detox mask. The mask is the perfect skin detoxifier, it exfoliates dead skin cells, relieving the skin and provides an extra deep cleanse. The great thing about this mask is that the white clay and magnolia ingredients make this product gentle enough to use daily, giving you that deep cleanse day after day. I loved the ease of this product, and used it 5 times a week.

Within the first use of each product I’d found my skin feeling fresher, more hydrated and all around more healthily. I carried on using the products as stated above for a month (so far) and within my first week of use, my skin started looking much better. One of my biggest gripes with my skin is my enlarged nose pores, no matter what I have tried in the past they still were there. With using the pore refining mask, I’ve found my pores have shrunk, almost to the point of not being visable! My daily makeup application has been so much easier, mainly because my skin is clearer and the texture has been smoothed out.

The only thing about this range I’d change is the packaging of the day and night creams. The pots of cream are both stunning, however they are identical at first glance. You have to read the product label before every use, which can be a bit of a draw back first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

You can pick up the Nivea Urban Skin range from your nearest Boots or Superdrug now; so you too can take on the city and win.

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Written by Niki

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