Nikkie Tutorials x Beauty Bay – The best pallet ever?

Nikkie Tutorials is known as one of the greatest makeup artists and beauty Youtubers around. From her crazily creative makeup looks to be the go-to YouTube babe for celebs to collaborate with (from Lady Gaga to Kim Kardashian) she has given the world so much sparkle. Her most magical moment was revealing to the world that she is a transgender woman, and millions of supporters all over the globe cheered loudly and proudly at her revelation. Now, to add even more of her magical sparkles into the globe, she has teamed up with Beauty Bay to release the ultimate eyeshadow pallet. 

The Nikkie Tutorials x Beauty Bay pressed pigment pallet is a half bold and bright, half smokey and sexy pallet which features 20 shades in matte, shimmer and duo-chrome formula. After falling in love with the Me Myself and MMM Mitchell pallet (Mitchells collab with Beauty Bay) Nikkie tested the rest of Beauty Bays incredible formulation and their ethics and from there this dream collaboration happened. With Nikkie fully in the driving seat to get creative, the essential for all pallet was born!

Beauty Bay list the shades as;

  • Mikai – A true red matte
  • Redemption – A marigold orange matte
  • Slasher – A mulberry purple matte
  • Ew! – A true green matte
  • Mila – A caramel nude matte
  • Basic Trut – A pink toned nude matte
  • Mama Tutorials / Mama T – A baby blue shimmer
  • Ivy – A silver shimmer
  • 5am – A chocolate brown matte
  • Amsterdamn – A cobalt blue matte
  • Zomer – A peach-pink matte
  • Mr Tutorials / Mr T – A hazel toned shimmer
  • Roxy Catan – A bright pink shimmer
  • Blend & Snap! – A bubble-gum pink matte
  • VLA – A bumblebee yellow matte
  • Aura – An orange shimmer
  • All In – A green duochrome
  • Pride – A pink duochrome
  • Underground – A silver/gold shimmer
  • Plot Twist – A baby blue matte.

Oh, and if this wasn’t already the greatest pallet to come into the world, it is also vegan, and cruelty free. And, Nikkie has created a sheet which comes with the pallet that shows you the best method of application for each and every shade. What a Queen!

The pallet costs just £25, and although it is extremely limited edition, Beauty Bay are also giving free pop sockets to those who manage to purchase!

The pallet goes on sale at 6pm on Monday 31st August, only available at

We are SO excited for this pallet, and if we are lucky enough to grab one, you can guarantee you will find a full review here on Fuzzable!

Let us know your thoughts on the pallet by tweeting us @Fuzzable.


Written by Niki

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