Nikkie Tutorials Gave Adele A Half-Face of Makeup In The New Video

Globally acclaimed GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter Adele Laurie Blue Adkins or Adele is the queen of pop, a humble superstar and the pride of Britain.

Commemorating the release of her golden comeback album, 30, which left everybody speechless, Adele went through a makeup transformation courtesy of Nikkie de Jager – who is better known as Nikkie Tutorials. While getting her glam on, the 33-year-old discussed her drinking routines with the 27-year-old Dutch makeup artist.

Nikkie Tutorials is hailed as the “Queen of glam makeup.’ Since her viral “Power of Makeup” video, in 2015, she has amassed over 13 million followers on YouTube alone. In the video, Nikkie applies makeup to half of her face, demonstrating how it can change one’s appearance in a few minutes. She explores and asserts how makeup is a space for fun and experimentation.

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Nikkie Tutorials via Instagram

After gaining success, she’s turned “Power of Makeup” into a regular series where she invites fashionable artists such as Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore where they have a fun chat and get their half-face makeup done. The newest celebrity to join the lineup is Adele.

For Nikkie Tutorials, this was a fancy, dream come true moment and why wouldn’t it be? She just crossed off one of her greatest wishes on the bucket list. The 30-minute-long makeup transformation video captures Adele and Nikkie discussing multiple subjects about the singer and her album. They also talked about why she doesn’t play the guitar anymore, and the phenomenon of the finsta!

Adele via Instagram

As Nikkie Tutorials opened her video, she nearly screamed, feeling overjoyed, as she said,

“Please welcome to my channel: ADELE!!! – CAN SOMEONE PINCH ME?? I’ve been dreaming of working with Adele for YEARS now, so when she asked me to do her makeup to celebrate the launch of her new album “30”, I knew I had to come up with something special. I show the Power of Makeup on this icon, and she even tries my own brand Nimya(!!)… enjoy, and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!”

Nikki Tutorials applied the makeup for “Someone Like You” on half of her face throughout the video. With half of her face makeup-free and the other half glazed in a glamorous layer of smokey eyeshadow and her signature winged eyeliner, the ultimate result was magnificent.

During her makeup transformation, Nikki asked her about her song “I Drink Wine,” and poured her a glass, which the pair luxuriated in it throughout the video. “I would normally drink to make other people interesting, rather than to spice myself up!” Adele said.

While Adele enjoys makeup, especially eyeliner and a good nail manicure, she doesn’t consider herself adept at it at all. She swears she can’t apply makeup products, especially lip liner and lashes, to save her life, but she loves a good brow, manicure, and, of course, a cat-eye. “I think a brow and a nail, and you’re ready to go,” she says in the video.

Adele also mentioned how, before the pandemic, she had no access to her social media, but that she got access when she needed to send memes to her friends. However, she had the privilege taken away after posting just one picture.

Adele via Instagram

There are more vulnerable moments as well, as when Adele hints at the more negative aspects of her global fame. Being a public figure and constantly being surrounded by cameras can be very daunting at times. But fame and glory come at a price. Adele also confessed how she’s stopped going grocery shopping from fearing being recognized and photographed by paparazzi all the time. “Because I don’t like being photographed and things like that, the planning that goes into it is f***ing exhausting”

“The more success you come into the more everything else falls apart,” she shares. “It’s hard to really get a balance, and it’s quite terrifying sometimes living those things in public.” Her key to avoiding it all is being a recluse, which is why she’ll disappear for five years or so at a time.

The video packs fun, gossip and insightful confessions, including Adele’s admission that she is a Potterhead; how she learned how to dye her own eyebrows during the pandemic; her obsession with Dwayne Johnson; and how long it usually takes for her to get her makeup done (Spoiler Alert: that flawless winged liner takes some time to execute!).

Watch the complete video up top to witness Nikkie, with assistance from Adele, demonstrate the actual power of cosmetics.!

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