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Nicki Minaj’s Top 5 Verses Since Her Last Album

We are down to just under two weeks until the long-awaited release of Nicki Minaj’s fourth studio album, Queen. Minaj’s last album, The Pinkprint, saw a late 2014 release, and since then the queen has been featured on countless tracks. With her new album so close, here are just a few of our favorite verses from the last couple years since her last album.

5. “Run Up”

“Run Up” never ceases to make us dance, and that’s part of what makes a song great, right? It also marks the first time Nicki talked about her new album, singing, “‘Bout to drop an album, this is my fourth.”

4. “Make Love”

Nicki’s verse in “Make Love” is a long one filled with a ton of fun lines. You can’t listen to it without feeling like a boss, which is why it landed on this list.

3. “Swish Swish”

“Swish Swish” isn’t the greatest song, but Nicki’s verse elevates it to an entirely new level. It’s perfect for a drive or to jam to in the shower.

2. “Motorsport”

The Cardi and Nicki collaboration everyone had been waiting for surely didn’t disappoint. Nicki switches up her flow multiple times in her verse and, in our opinion, makes it one of her best verses to date.

Honorable Mention

“I’m Getting Ready” by Tasha Cobbs Leonard and Nicki Minaj was an unexpected release, but it’s one that captivates. Nicki raps about her faith in this beautiful gospel track, and it’s always a treat to hear.

1. “Realize”

2 Chainz is one our guilt pleasures, and when this song with Nicki first came out, we were immediately ecstatic. And then we listened to it… It was even better than we thought it would be. Nicki’s verse in “Realize” has a certain rawness to it, and her vocals are especially enticing. Everything culminates to make this our favorite verse since The Pinkprint.

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