New Year Beauty Resolutions

After the seemingly endless partying over Christmas and New Year, it can be easy to revert to one of two ways.

  1. Feeling the need to refresh and spruce up yourself by reducing the number of times you wake up with yesterday’s once-eyeliner-now-panda-eyes
  2. Feeling so overwhelmed with trying to stick too your resolutions of ‘eating healthy’ or ‘going to the gym six days a week’, you forget to take care of your skin

To avoid this, here are my go-to tips to find a balance between laziness and need for clean after a busy new year!

Clean your makeup brushes more often

brush-makeup-make-up-brushes-largeYes, this seems like a chore which will take HOURS, but believe me when I say it literally takes 5 minutes. The build up of makeup, oils and dead skin (nasty) consuming your brush will be so alarming when your first do this, you’ll never want to go more than two weeks without deep-cleaning your tools. I find that a gentle soap made for sensitive skin gives the best results, here are the steps I follow!

  1. Fill a sink or bowl with warm water
  2. Pump a small amount of the soap (or a ge
    ntle shampoo) into the palm of your hand
  3. Gently tap your brush into the water so only the tips of the bristles are covered
  4. Begin to swirl the brush over the soap on your hand
  5. Rinse your hand and the brush regularly until the water coming out of the brush is no longer makeup-tinted, but crystal clear
  6. Gently dry the bristles with a soft towel and leave to dry (this can take anywhere between a couple of hours to a day, depending on the density of the brush!)

Take off your makeup every night- no matter what!removeThis one should really go without saying, but on those nights where you’ve collapsed on your bed watching TV re-runs after a tiring day, it can be difficult to find the motivation to do this.

Cleansing your face is important for your complexion, ask any dermatologist. After a day exposed to makeup, pollutants and harsh weather, your skin needs some time to recover! Whilst many people use an ordinary cleanser, there are other easier ways to remove your makeup for those times when all you can think about is sleep.

One way is using Micellar Water. Many brands have this product in their range, with some of the most popular being Garnier and L’Oreal. The micelles in the water act as mini-magnet features, drawing out impurities such as dirt and oil, but without drying out the skin. Simply pour some onto a cotton pad and gently swipe over your face- simple! The best about many brands’ creations is that they also work as an eye-makeup and even lipstick remover too!


Step out of your comfort zonelipstick-1367770_1280It can become far too easy to fall in love with that one certain shade of pink lipstick and subsequently end up buying basically the same colour from every makeup brand out there.

Try stepping out of your comfort zone and mix things up! If you’re used to soft nudes and pinks, why not try a darker berry tone or a classic red? You could even aim to buy a new colour lipstick every month and mix up your styles even more. If you decide you don’t like the colour after all, you can always add a black and white filter to your selfie to disguise it- no-one will ever realise you’re wearing lilac lipstick!


Hopefully these tips will help you get 2017 off to a good start, try and keep it up!

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Written by Enya

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