New documentary Vintage takes a fascinating look at winemaking in New Zealand

The film comes from the team behind the Villa Maria wine

A brand new documentary is set to be released, which will take a further look at just what it’s like to make world-class wine in New Zealand – and it looks pretty exciting! Check out “Vintage” a must-view project for the wine-drinkers from the UK’s self-proclaimed favourite brand of New Zealand wine, Villa Maria.

A family-owned and operated business, Villa Maria was founded in 1961 and in addition to their home country, the winemaking company also distributes its products in Europe, North America, the Carribean, Australia, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. The company has several brands under its bag including Villa Maria, Vidal, Esk Valley, Thornbury, Riverstone, Left Field, Kidnapper Cliffs, and Te Awa.

Taylors Pass

The film will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look of winemaking and the skills and craftsmanship that come with it – as well as the challenges and problems faced along the way.

Shot in New Zealand, the documentary features winemakers and viticulturists such as Stu Dudley, Nick Picone, Jess Marston, and Ollie Powrie as they share their experiences on perfecting a bottle of wine.

Stu Dudley

Stu said:

“Vintage is about so much more than wine. The documentary truly encapsulates, for the first time, the mighty undertaking, long hours, passionate people and remarkable skill behind quality New Zealand wine. It gives a voice to a fascinating group of wine specialists and gives wine lovers a unique perspective behind their favourite wines.”

He added, New Zealand is an extraordinary country and we are delighted that ‘Vintage’ will give people a chance to learn more about the way of life, culture and wine that make it so special.”

Views from Malborough Winery in New Zealand

Meanwhile, author and wine expert Oz Clarke MBE said: “Vintage is a tremendous watch. New Zealand’s vineyards have rarely looked more alluring. The winery processes seem challenging and intriguing and are explained in an easy, lucid style and the bunch of local Kiwis and foreign drop-ins the director has assembled to talks us through the 40 days, from picking the first grape to closing down the final vat, are an engaging crew who tell us really interesting, personal stuff.”

The film will be released exclusively to Amazon Prime on 27th February 2020.

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