On the Topic of Change

It’s strange how over a period of time, everything can change. You may not notice it at all, but look back over a period of six months or a year, and it suddenly seems like everything is different.

Change has a positive or negative impact on every single person. I think that in some aspects, change can be very good – part of life is about constantly changing, and you aren’t really living life to the fullest if you aren’t pushing yourself, changing and doing things outside of your comfort zone.

In the same way, how can change affect a person negatively? If there’s too much change, then there’s a problem – especially if you aren’t used to things changing at all, or so fast.

For me personally, I’ve experienced a lot of change over the past few months in particular. And I think that’s something that I’ve learned to adapt to. I won’t say it has been easy – far from it – it’s been very challenging and difficult. The best way I could describe it is like a rollercoaster. There’s been highs and there has also been lows, major changes while also minor changes. I look back over the past few months and wonder how I’ve come through it all.

As I’ve said, change isn’t easy and can be hard to get used to. I think this is also part of my personality – I’m a very private person and until certain barriers are broke down with me, I remain very reserved. To some people, this can come across as rude. Especially if it’s someone I’ve just met – but in my head, I know that they’ve established an opinion on me. Whether I like it or not, that opinion can be good or bad, and there’s nothing I can really do to change their opinion.

I also think change can be extremely heartbreaking – it isn’t an easy think to get used to. I’ve watched several close friends come out of a relationship that they were really invested in, and have to start again. They have to learn to do things alone, they miss their other half. But that is part of growing up, and as much as it is heartbreaking, that’s life.

On the aspect of change being heartbreaking, I think it’s pretty heartbreaking watching someone who you cared about for such a long time change into a person you never thought they would become. People do change all the time, and there’s nothing you can ever do to change it.

You think that nothing has changed, but in reality, it has. I can compare it to climbing a mountain – you feel like you’ve made no progress then suddenly you are at the top of the mountain. That’s gradual – it doesn’t happen instantly. You don’t climb that mountain instantly, it takes time and effort. That sums up change – it takes a lot of time and effort.

One of the biggest changes for me these past few months has been learning to live with people who always said they would be there for me. I’ve had to learn to pick myself up from that, and I’ve noticed positive changes in myself. Going through any form of change can make you stronger. Another big change I’ve had to go through is transitioning from high school to a college.

Another big change I’ve had to go through is transitioning from high school to a college. It has not been easy at all, and I’ve struggled sometimes. For me, it’s been hard to go in to a completely new environment, with people I had never met before, people who knew nothing about my background. My life is always changing, and I’ve learned to try and keep up with it. Even though sometimes I hate change, when it is a good change, I feel positive.

My advice? Embrace it – try everything you can to try new things. You’ll feel yourself evolving, meet new people, experience new things. But what if it affects you in a way you don’t like? Speak to someone; you are never alone in anything. You’ll always change, you just have to learn to deal with it in the best possible way.

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