National Pizza Day: Our 10 Best Pizza Toppings

Here at Fuzzable, we absolutely love pizza. There’s nothing better than the combination of cheese and tomato-based sauce, with plenty of different toppings to choose from to finish your pizza off. And to celebrate National Pizza Day, we have listed our top 10 most favourite pizza toppings.

10. Mushrooms


Mushrooms seems to be one of those food that people either love or hate, but we have discovered that it actually goes really well on top with Pizza!

9. Peppers


Peppers are bright, colourful and give Pizza an extra juicy flavour and also make them look visually appealing.

8. Sweetcorn

Corn on the cob

Sweetcorn also seems to be one of those toppings that people are unsure about. But we think sweetcorn pairs very well with cheese, and other toppings such as tomatoes!

7. Basil

Basil on top of a pizza with olives

There’s nothing better than topping off a simple margherita Pizza with fresh basil. Not only does it make the Pizza look aesthetically pleasing, but it makes the Pizza taste super fresh too.

6. Ham


Ham surprisingly tastes really nice on Pizza, and is definitely one of our favourite meat toppings. Hawaiian Pizza is also an absolute classic!

5. Chicken

Marinated chicken

Now into our top five, we start off with chicken. It’s packed full of flavour and it’s very versatile; it goes well with a variety of different toppings, in particular, BBQ sauce.

4. Tomatoes

Tomato slices

We mean tomato slices, not tomato sauce. But fresh slices of tomato paired with cheese and a tomato-based sauce is a perfect combination. Can anything get better than this?

3. Pineapple


Now, we are aware that this is quite a controversial Pizza topping, and yes, we have it at number three on the list. But hear us out: Pineapple is one of those rare fruits and sweet foods that actually works really well on Pizza, and it tastes so delicious. As we said earlier, Hawaiian Pizza is a classic combination, so pineapple on any type of Pizza paired with any types of toppings is no exception in our eyes. We think those who are sceptical about Pineapple on Pizza should give it a try sometime and see for themselves.

2. Pepperoni

Pepperoni pizza

Just missing out on our top spot, is yet another simple and classic pizza topping. We can never get enough of pepperoni, no matter how spicy it may be sometimes, it’s just one of those foods that is essential to a Pizza.

1. Cheese

Cheesy pizza

Yes, you’ve read that right…. cheese is indeed our number one Pizza topping! Yes, most pizzas are pretty much topped with cheese… but that doesn’t mean you can’t get EXTRA cheese, right? Cause what would a Pizza be without glorious, creamy cheese? That’s pretty much the main reason why we love Pizza in the first place!

What is your favourite Pizza topping? Let us know over on Twitter @Fuzzable!

Written by Isla Williams

Writer with a passion for pop culture - you can also catch my words in and CelebMix (and sometimes my own blog).

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