National Kindness Day

Today is National Kindness Day, which gives us the perfect opportunity to be extra kind than we already are each day and do something for someone which will make their day.

Now, you don’t have to do something HUGE to make someone’s day, there are so many small gestures that you may think are silly but to someone else, really will make their day.

Embracing this beautiful national day, why not take inspiration from our list of simple gestures to really make someone smile today, and every other day of the year!!

Smile at someone

There’s a huge misconception that people are all negative and miserable, try this, the next stranger you see give them a smile. You never know how far that smile will go for someone.

Give someone a compliment

One of the most basic, yet effective, simple gestures. If you think someone looks good, tell them. Someone smells good? Go right ahead and tell them. Do you like someone’s ideas? Tell them exactly how much you do. Trust us, a compliment will go a long way.

Don’t forget your manners!!

Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, there’s nothing wrong with keeping up gratitude.

Tell someone you love them

Has it been a while since you last told someone you loved them? Ring up a family member, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend etc and tell them how much you love and appreciate them.

Join someone for a chat

Quite often in today’s society people sit by themselves in so many public places such as coffee shops. Now a lot of the time, people just enjoy their own company, which is completely fine. But sometimes, people simply don’t have anyone to spend time with. If you see someone who looks a little bit lonely or lost, simply go and ask them if you can sit down with them. So many people are willing to talk, and you never know what stories you’re going to discover by just listening!

Help someone with their shopping

There are so many people who aren’t really able to do what they used to be capable of but still try anyway. If you see someone struggling to carry their shopping while out, why not go up to them and ask them if they’d like your help.

Hold the door open for someone

We’ve all been there, walking through a door literally seconds after someone and they haven’t held it open and you have to do that awkward ‘no the door didn’t hit me, did it?’ look. Don’t be that person, hold the door open for someone, they will really appreciate that.

Buy a homeless person food and drink

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate 3-course meal but pop into your local store that does a sandwich meal deal and get them some lunch. That £3 meal deal might not be much to you, but for someone who has literally nothing, it will mean the world to them.

Let someone in front of you


We all know how queues can get very annoying, but how amazing is that feeling when someone says ‘after you!’ and lets you go in front of them? Be that person and give someone that happy moment.

Leave positive notes for your family and friends

Sometimes we all need a bit of motivation, and what is better than a random cute note to inspire us through the day? Leave a not for your family and friends and wait for them to find it!

Be a positive YOU

The most important thing is to be a positive you, it’s contagious!! Smile at everyone, remember your manners, listen to people, and always respect those around you. That way, every day can be a National Kindness Day.



Written by Gabby Fabrizio

You'll probably find me drinking a very strong coffee or swaying away at a gig!

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