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Mystery, Horror or Crime! Three book series to get you ready for Halloween!

Autumn is here! Just as much as we love to get ready for Halloween, Fuzzable also loves books. To get cozy and ready for October (yes, some of us set a countdown weeks ago), we came up with 3 book series, which will make you even more excited for the spookiest month of the year. Let’s dive in!

The Devouring Trilogy by Simon Holt

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The Devouring book series

In this teenage horror trilogy, we follow Reggie and her best friend Aaron. Being the biggest fans of horror stories, they believe no such thing is real. As it happens, they discover an anonymous journal in which a woman wrote about demonic creatures – the Vours – which are meant to steal people’s souls on the night of Winter Solstice or in other words, Sorry Night. This acquired knowledge about the Vours is forgotten in a heartbeat and just starts to resurface when Reggie’s little brother starts to act strange and violent. Being obsessed since Winter Solstice, Henry has no chance, but to hope his sister is going to come to his rescue.

The only chance for Reggie to save her little brother and fight the Vours is to face not only her own biggest fears but also Henry’s. And the story continues, as the trilogy goes on, it goes deeper and even more violent and creepy.

Stalking Jack The Ripper Series by Kerri Maniscalco

(Kerri Maniscalco on Waterstones)

Aubrey Rose is a girl who wants nothing more than to work in her uncle’s laboratory and study forensic medicine in his courses. As the only girl in a men’s domain in London of the 1800s, she has achieved a massive feat. But then, there are some mysterious things happening, which are even more exciting for Aubrey Rose, than her uncle’s classes… A murderer named Jack the Ripper is on the go and no one seems to be able to catch him. Add to that, there’s her upcoming love interest, Thomas.

We follow Aubrey Rose and Thomas throughout all four books. From Hunting Prince Dracula, in which we experience their adventure in Romania to Escaping From Houdini, where they spend some time on a lovely cruise until the murder happens and there is no escape. The final book, Capturing The Devil, set in Chicago takes the two love birds to an infamous hotel where out of blue a serial killer appears.

The Body Finder Series by Kimberly Derting

(Kimberly Derting at Waterstones)

Violet Ambrose’s ability showed the first time, as she was a child. The echos were calling for her long before she realized what she’s actually capable of. She would come across dead birds, squirrels, and on a very bad day, maybe even a cat or a dog. She would hear a sound, tasted something no one else could, or see a color that is only visible to her.

But once she put these poor creatures to rest, the echos would become much quieter and she would be able to go on with her day. All of that changes the first time, as Violet follows a new echo and finds the dead body of a missing girl.

The body finder series by Kimberly Derting follows Violet’s story, her discovery of the extent her ability seems to have, the ways it changes her life, and how dangerous it becomes because a murderer or more are on the go. With her father being a police captain, she’s too close in certain moments and accidentally she becomes the target.

Next to her parents, who of course know of her ability, there is Jay, her childhood best friend, and future love interest. And even she might be the only one being a body finder, throughout the story, she discovers she’s not alone with the destiny of being a teenage girl with a special calling.

Horror, Mystery, or Crime? Whichever genre you fancy, all three of these book series will be the perfect companion to get you into reading mood and ready for Halloween. No matter if you are staying at home, or are on the go.

Head over on Twitter and let us know @Fuzzable  which books series you choose to keep your company first. And if you have more recommendations for autumn – spooky/creepy books, please let us know too! There are never enough books! And, if you are looking for ways to celebrate Halloween this year, check out our Stay-at-Home Halloween Guide.

Written by Vanessa

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