Since the appearance of the cell phone the use of the device has become accessible to the population that has increasingly become a routine in the lives of the world population.

The term nomophobia (an abbreviation for no-mobile-phone phobia or phobia of being without a cell phone) was created in the United Kingdom to describe the dread of being without a cell phone available.

Unintentionally discovering this phobia that was previously unknown to me, which is now part of my vocabulary and population.
I sit on the couch and start watching television and suddenly I get caught with my fingers typing on my cell phone screen.
I am not the first or the last to do this, many of you are identifying with this article.

Estimated cell phone dependency rates can reach up to 60% on your users. A Brazilian study by researcher Anna Lúcia King, from UFRJ, found that 34% of respondents said they had high levels of anxiety without the telephone nearby. Thus, with the huge amount of people with full access to the handset, these indices are extremely worrying.


1) Inability to turn off the phone;
2) Obsessively check calls, emails and application messages;
3) Be continuously concerned about battery life;
4) Get annoyed when the network does not work right.

             Symptoms of Internet addiction

1) Excessive internet preoccupation;
2) Spending more and more time online;
3) Failed attempts to reduce network time;
4) Irritability, depression or mood instability when internet use is limited;
5) Stay online longer than planned;
6) Placing relationship or work at risk;
7) Lying to others about time spent on the network;
8) Use the internet to escape problems;

Let’s not forget that the cell phone is super important to our life in moderation.
It would be nice to put the cell phone aside and finish that book on the bus or anywhere or have fun night with friends or family.
Feeling anxious? Do not use your cell phone before bedtime and decrease the use of the cell phone etc … (put your phone in airplane mode for maximum relaxation time). For me, it’s not about using my phone any less, it’s about learning how to make it useful, without letting it control all my movements.

My name is Carolina, I have nomophobia … and I’m fine with that.

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