My 2017 Highlights: Feeling like a VIP on Qatar Airways

One of my personal highlights of 2017 was going to New Zealand to visit family who lives there. I went with my family. We treated ourselves and flew business class with Qatar Airways. It was a pretty straightforward journey. We flew from Manchester to Doha, then from Doha to Auckland. So I can say I officially say I flew the worlds longest commercial flight. The Doha to Auckland leg is just over 17 hours long.

It was a fantastic experience. Everyone from the ground staff to the cabin crew was so friendly and helpful.

You feel like a complete VIP.

From feeling slightly smug that I didn’t have to queue like everyone else waiting to check in. To being handed a pass to gain access to the lounge and priority at the security checks. It was the little things that really made the experience. Not 10 minutes after checking in we settling down with a drink in the lounge. Staff explaining we could help ourselves to whatever we wanted. We did and the few hours we had to wait to board in Aspire lounge at Manchester airport went very quickly.

Business Class were the first to board.

Upon entering the plane, Qatar Airways cabin crew greet you personally before escorting you to your seat. They explain everything around your seat. They give you a menu, explain the concept that Qatar Airways has of ‘Dine on Demand’ ( basically you can eat what you like, whenever you feel like it.)

Once you have stowed your carry on, they bring you refreshment and an amenity kit. The amenity kit was really cool. It’s designed by luxury luggage company BRICS. Italian skincare brand Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio provided the products inside which included: lip balm, hydrating facial mist, and anti-aging moisturizer.

They then take your food order if you feel like ordering for after takeoff.

The food was amazing. At times I forgot I was eating on an airplane. The cabin crew lay your table for you with a linen tablecloth. You have a choice of sparkling or still water. They bring you a selection of bread. Then they give you an ‘amuse bouche’ ( a tiny little taster before your meal). They then bring you the drink you’ve requested (wine if you like I did asked for them to pair it with the food.)

The staff was so attentive and they make the best cappuccinos.

We landed in Doha, it was one of the quickest flights I have ever been on. As there was so much to stay occupied with thanks to the in-flight entertainment system.

Ground staff at Hammad International Airport directed us to the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge.

Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge at Hammad International Airport, Doha

It felt more like a luxury hotel than a waiting area. There was endless food and drink, areas to shower and sleep. It was stunning. On the inbound flight, the layover was nine hours.  It felt so good to have a shower after being on a plane for 17 hours.

The shower at Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge.

It was a surreal experience to have my seat on the plane turned in to bed. Complete with a mattress topper, duvet, and pillow. It was as good as sleeping in a proper bed. I had a great sleep on the 17-hour journey from Doha to New Zealand.

So much so I was able to do a full day of wedding planning with my family and not have the jet lag catch up.

You can see pictures of the whole experience below, including the gorgeous food. (yes I am a bit of a foodie.)

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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