Music Festival Must Haves

Deciding what to take to a music festival can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time attending one. We’ve devised a list of music festival must haves to make sure you have key necessities for the day(s). This list can be applied to other types of festivals, not just music! We’ve also thrown in a couple ideas to make yourself stand out in the crowd or to just make some special memories.


A bumbag is a top priority to have when going to a festival. If you’re going to be carrying quite a few little items, this is perfect. There are many shops and websites which sell strong, sturdy bumbags for a reasonable price. The type we’ve gone for are those which have a smaller pouch/zip at the back which will sit against you. Purely for the reason that the small zip area can be a place to keep your most valuable items, such as your phone, your ticket or money.

Portable charger

A portable charger will become your best friend over the duration of the music festival. Many music festivals open fairly early during the day and will go on until the late night. If you’re going to be there the whole day you don’t want your phone or gadgets running out of battery just before you see your favourite band! If you decide to take a bumbag with you as well, your portable charger can fit snug inside your bumbag where you can also tuck all the cables away so they don’t get in the way while you’re exploring the festival site.

A sign/flag

Creating a well thought out sign or bringing a flag to a music festival is something that’ll never go out of fashion. Trends may come and go but a flag will stay forever. You’ll stand out from the crowd and show your dedication to your favourite band in a new and unique way.

Wet wipes

Hand or face wipes will be most suitable for a music festival. There may be times where you get muddy or dusty and want to freshen up a little bit.

Hand sanitizer

Sometimes the toilets at music festivals run out of soap and that can happen! Having a hand sanitizer on you is handy in case that situation occurs where you’re left without any soap. It can also be useful to use throughout the day to generally keep your hands clean since you’re going to be touching a lot of different items and surrounded by many people.

Disposable camera

A disposable camera isn’t exactly a necessity, but it is a fun item to have with you at a festival. It’s a different type of way to create memories and capture your time there in a slightly retro way. You’ll rediscover the excitingness of using a disposable camera and waiting for your film to get developed, anticipating what kinds of photos you managed to take. Another alternative for a disposable camera is a polaroid camera where your photos will get printed instantly. However, polaroid cameras tend to be more expensive and might not be the type of camera you’d want to take to a festival where it’s easy to lose or get damaged.

Water bottle

Bringing a water bottle with you each day of the festival will be very beneficial to you. Sometimes the water bottles at music festivals can be priced higher than regular water bottles from external shops. If you’ve brought your own one with you, you’ll be able to refill it at the water points.

We hope you enjoy these music festival must haves and take them into consideration if you ever go to one. You may want to double-check with the festival you’re attending that the items are allowed into the site. Some do not allow ticket-holders to bring in their own water bottles, flags, etc. so be sure to double check so you’re not left disappointed!

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