Mrs Hinches Marvelous Hacks!

Sophie Hinchliffe has become a viral sensation. Her amazing ability to show cleaning in a fun and affordable light has made 1.1 million Instagram followers fall in love with making their houses a home. We’ve been following her for the past month or so and since then our home has been a beacon of soft smells and cleansed deeper then it ever has before. We figured we’d share some of our favorite hacks that we’ve learned along the way with you. Whether your a student at Uni or trying to get on to Santa’s nice list for Christmas here’s our favorite ‘Hinch Hacks’.

  1. Fabric softener and water = clean woodwork!

If you mix a cap of your normal fabric softener with the rest of a bowl of warm water and mix and scrub over any of your skirting boards or door frames and by some form of cleaning wizardry the mixture is not only affordable but it leaves surfaces gleaming.

2. Tumble Drier Sheets make sofas smell magical.

Tumble drier sheets are very inexpensive (£1 for 40 in Asda) and leave your washing with a divine smell. However, Mrs. Hinch has found an amazing use for these sheets. Open up your sofa cushions and the base cushions too, pop one sheet in them and zip up again. The freshness lasts up to a whole week.

3. Screw diamonds –  Zaflora is girl’s best friend.

Zaflora is a highly concentrated disinfectant which comes in a million different scents. Mrs. H uses diluted Zaflora in a spray bottle to add to her floor cleaner, to spray on fabrics for a nice scent, soaking her sponges in a diluted mixture to disinfect. our favourite smell is Winters Morning, and costing just £4 for a giant bottle!

4. Pixie stamp your loo roll.

One trend that Mrs. Hinch created has worked its way into our hearts and makes us smile every time we run to the loo. The ‘Pixie Stamp’. Fold in the corners of the end of your loo roll to make a point then fold it onto the roll. Run your bathroom tap for a second, then stop it, dry any excess drips from the tap, then place your enveloped shape point of the loo roll and push it against the part of the tap where the water comes through, hold and push for a few seconds and then voilla. You have ‘Pixie Stamped’ your toilet roll. Heres one of the 6 we did earlier.

5. Clean your toothbrushes!

So toothbrushes are the one thing we use twice daily, and just rinse under water and pop back into the glass. Our mouths harbor a lot of bacteria, so once a week just get a separate glass, fill it with an inch or so of an antibacterial mouthwash and soak your bristles between brushes! Genius.

6.Party time!

The biggest thing Mrs. Hinch promotes is that cleaning should always be fun. Put your best music playlists on, have a bop whilst you make your home smell divine. Stop seeing things as a chore and see it as your X Factor audition!


Mrs. Hinch posts daily (sometimes hourly) cleaning updates and fun over on her Instagram page, so make sure to follow her!  Also, follow us on Instagram for fabulous posts on all things that make us sparkle on the inside.





Written by Niki

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