Mrs Hinch : The Activity Journal – Book Review


Mrs Hinch had a number one best seller with her 1st book (review here) and now she’s only gone and released a follow up to it, her Activity Journal.

Fans of clean queen Sophie Hinchcliffe were eagerly awaiting the release of her second installment, a book dedicated to decluttering the mind and destressing. We got our hands on the Activity Journal two weeks ago, and since then we’ve been testing it out to see if it really is as magical as Narnia.

The book itself is a 12 week guide. Containing a lot for you to mind map your goals and weekly missions.
You start off with your pages of goals, and how your going to get there in a week, a month and 3 months, so you can break your own mind down to achieve them.

There’s weekly Hinch-lists for you to fill in with all the bits and bobs you want to Hinch in a famous Mrs H style.
We chose to set ours out as daily tasks, and weekly room by room ones. It also has an area for you to make your Hinch shopping lists.

From there, each page is an activity or a quote. From Sudoku, word searches, colouring, dot to dots, category challenges and recipes for meals (or doggy cakes) that Mrs Hinch makes weekly. The most special part of the activities are ones to help you feel self worth. These pages make you see your actually pretty special.

So how did we get on in these last 2 weeks?

First of all, the Hinch Lists where a God send, like Mrs H we (Niki who is writing this review) are new parents, and baby brain is VERY real. Mapping out what we want to achieve in a week is perfect. Just so instead of being overwhelmed and feeling we have to do it all in one day, we’ve been able to break it down.

Secondly the activities. There’s moments where life has been stressful, or we’ve been full of anxiety, and just being able to spend 20 mins looking for the word ‘Minkeh’ on a word search has able to let us gather our bearings and have a bit of ‘me time’.

The positive quotes to colour have given us a smile, and have made us feel not alone or that it’s perfectly ok to be ourselves.

– Everything right with this book.

The Hinch-lists are organizational masterminds. Breaking down your to do’s into manageable chunks is more of a help than you’d think.
The mind mapping of goals is also one of them things you’d think wouldn’t work, but it does. Breaking down a project or an aspiration into acheievable chunks.
The activities are brilliant. A hinch spin on things that you may of loved as a kid. Spot the difference on a Zoflora box, where’s Wally – Henry Hinch edition, colouring but adult colouring of Soph’s favourite things and Dot to Dot’s with 300+ numbers. Your never lost for something to do.
The recipes and how-to’s are useful fun and easy to do.
The reflection and love yourself activities are some of the most incredible in the book, we’ve left feeling a little Hinch sparkle. Sophie herself suffers with anxiety and yet these help you together feel you can conquer the globe.
The things to do yourself like recipes,

– What don’t we love about the book?

There really isn’t much we’re not in love with. If we were to be really picky it would have to be that the word searches are SO hard.

Final thoughts.

Even if your not a Hincher, but you need a little help to destress, mind map and see your own worth, this book is amazing. It’s soft and Mrs Hinches infectious personality shine through the book. It 100% has helped us relax, take some me time and also organize our life. We hope she releases a volume 2 as we’d never want to be without this book.

You can buy the book now from Amazon, or it is available in most book stores and large supermarkets. But treat yourself to some colouring pens too!

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Written by Niki

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