The Ultimate Mrs Hinch Shopping List. – Part One

Mrs Hinch has become a household name within the last 12 months. Her cleaning tips and tricks have revolutionised the way all 2 million of her Instagram followers clean their homes (check up our roundup of favourite Hinch hacks here). But one thing the world has been obsessed with is the array of products she uses, and at bargain prices. We’ve decided to collate a list of where to buy her must have’s online for the best prices. – Part One

1001 Carpet Freshener- £2.50 Wilko

This tin of carpet magic is what Mrs H uses daily to refresh her carpets, kill bacteria and it’s pet safe for pup Henry. We found it at Wilko stores for only £2.50.

Astonish Mould and Mildew Blaster £1 Morrisons.

Not only does this power spray kill any sign of mould and damp, but it’s also a great cleaner for anything from tiles and grout to bleaching stains on white fabric.

Astonish Oxy Plus Stain Remover – £2.99 Ocado

Mrs H pop’s a scoop of this stain remover into every wash of clothing, and all her clothes are kept as good as new. It is a lot more affordable than other brands but even more mighty.

Bloo Foam Aroma – £2 Wilko’s.

Mrs Hinch swears by this foam for making her toilet as clean and fresh as possible. She pops some in every day, and there’s no need for any stinky worries.

Cif Perfect Finish Stainless Steel Spray – £2 Wilko’s.

Keep your own sinks, draining boards, taps and more as shiny as possible with the spray our housework icon can’t live without. Usually priced much higher, Wilko’s have the best deal on the product.

Dettol All in One Disinfectant Spray – £2 Iceland.

This is the spray that can kill flu and cold viruses instantly. We too swear by it and love it for a quick spray on door handles, toilet seats and even a spritz on your bed.

Dr Beckmann’s Carpet Stain Remover – £3.50 Asda

This may look like your average carpet cleaner, but Mrs H recommends this to clean upholstery from sofas to rugs. She even makes her own solution and then reuses the bottle because of the handy brush.

Elbow Grease – £1 – Tesco

Again, this is a holy grail Hinch product, used for getting almost anything off everything. Floors that have been laid for 10 years are coming up as brand new, stains are being lifted from clothes and steel is coming up sparkling.

Harpic Pine Toilet Cleaner – £1 Asda

Not a day goes by where Mrs Hinch doesn’t pine her loo’s and this is her product of choice. She enjoys the pine scent as it reminds her “of Christmas all year round”.

Minkey Sponge (Minkeh) – £2.49 Minkey Online

We’ve had to finish Part One off our shopping lists with the sponge that Mrs H can’t be without. Minkeh. He’s dual-sided, antibacterial and the king of clean. Mrs Hinch has tens of these and swears by them as her go to sponge for everything from her bathroom to kitchen dishes. Prices online can be up to £30 per sponge from resellers, but when in stock buying direct is the best value. (Adds two to our basket).

We hope Part One of Hinch Hauls – what to buy and where to buy it has been useful to you. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled to our Twitter @Fuzzable to see part two soon!

Written by Niki

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