Mrs Hinch: Hinch Yourself Happy-Book Review.

You may or may not have heard of the latest Instagram star taking over the world, a cleaning mega star – Sophie Hinchcliff aka Mrs Hinch. She’s gained over 2 million ‘Hinchers’ (followers) has made many home cleaning products sell out, and given us all new names for everything from our cloths and sponges to our hoovers and mops. And last week, Mrs H released her debut book to the world and it became the second fastest selling non fiction book on Amazon ever (Beating even Michelle Obama’s memoirs).

The book is advertised as not only a full guide to make your home gleam but promises a bit more of an insight into Mrs H’s life, and to talk about how and why she has become the Kim Kardashian of cleaning.

The book is published by Michael Joseph of Penguin Random House, it retails for £12.99 (however the hardback print is currently on offer at Amazon for £6.49) and is avalible in Hardback, Kindle and Audio Book format. There are approximately 270 pages (including pages for notes, shopping lists etc) and there are a few illustrations throughout.

What do we think of the Story of Mrs Hinch?

The first 140 pages are autobiographic. All about how Mrs H became the queen of clean. From finding love with husband Jamie, her love for Henry Hinch her pup, her desire to have a family (spoiler she’s now carrying her own baby Hinch, a little boy due this summer) and how she became an icon. She speaks about her celeb adventures onto TV, how fame baffles her, but most importantly she delves into her own battles with anxiety. She is open and honest about her struggles with finding acceptance and how she see’s her home as not a show home but a sanctuary. Somewhere she can call her own, and feel safe and warm inside. For anybody in the public eye, speaking about mental health is always a ‘big deal’ however Sophie makes her own journey feel as if it’s one anyone suffering with anxiety can relate to. She shows she’s just a normal girl who despite every cleaning company wanting her to be the face of them, she does have this struggle and that is okay. Brilliantly well done, and leaves us the reader feel like we are having a hug and a heart to heart with a very dear friend.

Is the cleaning section of the book a clean sweep?

The cleaning section is a one-stop guide for everything you could ever need to know about getting the cleanest home for the cheapest prices. The reason Mrs Hinch is so popular with her followers is her loveable approach to cleaning. From Dave the duster, Minkeh and her love of a pine toilet cleaner, she knows exactly what is best for where. The book contains everything from a Hinchionary so you can understand the difference between a Sharon hoover and a Vera mop. There’s the ultimate Hinch Playlist so you too can sing to her favourite songs to clean too, shopping lists for her essentials and what to use them for, and guides on how to get every stain out possible. The section is jam-packed with everything to put the spring into spring cleaning. She also has incorporated things like Hinch Lists, which is something over on her Instagram she does almost daily. A half hour tick list of things to clean. It’s a brilliant reference point for anyone from a Hincher to students looking to find out how to get rid of the stains and marks before they move out of student accommodation.

What’s right about this book?

The balance between an auto biography and a ‘how to’ book is perfect. You are left feeling as if this is Mrs Hinch talking all the way through on an extra long Instagram story, personal, helpful and hilarious. The space to write yourself in, whether it’s the section to remind yourself of your own hopes and dreams or the part to write your own ‘Hinch Half Hour’ chores on is pretty brilliant and useful.

What would we change about the book?

There are only a few minor parts we’d add to the book, and the first is some actual photos rather than just illustrations. It would add a little more of a personal touch. The second thing is that a wipe clean rather than embossed card front and back cover may have been a little more fitting.

Final Thoughts.

An essential read for anyone from fans, students or as a gift to anyone moving into their own home.

Buy here from Amazon.

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Written by Niki

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