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Are we spending too much on mobile games?

I really like mobile games.

It may be good for anxiety: Simple games are able to reduce stress but require enough concentration for you to stop thinking about what you are frying your brain over. However, as much as I am partial to turning off my brain, I feel uncomfortable to spend money on mobile phone games. When I was watching a programmer code a game recently, I noticed a battle-based mobile strategy game ad that made me think – it’s paid… How much money do these people spend on these games?

Obviously, they make lots of money by me doing a search and finding out that mobile gambling spending increases. By 2017, mobile gaming worldwide increased spending on gaming for mobile devices were 2.3x for PC gaming. Looking more recently in December 2017, the biggest winner was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which was bringing in $1.3 million. I started thinking: who are the people with enough disposable income to spend so much on games?

I can not imagine that this person is like me. I like playing, but buying games is not for me. With that being said, my monthly budget does not extend to spending large amounts of money on digital brushes or coins or unlimited lives… It has to be people with lots of money, but equally, I can not imagine extremely wealthy executives buying games. Maybe I’m naive.

Every year there are new game releases that people go and buy. I remember when Nintendo released Pokemon Go, it became a fever all over the world. My friend commented that he had downloaded the app. The TV newspapers talked about this game. Everyone was talking about it. But a year on, nobody talks about it anymore.

So, it looks like it probably is not your common Fuzzable reader who’s out there wasting money on mobile games – but these people are out there. They sit quietly in offices and on buses, clicking to buy and finance a multi-billion dollar industry.

There are other things I’d rather spend my disposable income on if I have a lot to play with, but I suppose these game spenders are doing no harm to anyone, anyway.

I think it may be time to consider a new career as a freemium application developer…

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