Mikey Pearce’s new sweet AF brand. ‘Diet Starts Tomorrow’.

If you don’t know who Mikey Pearce is then you may of been living under a rock. Mikey is the lovable You tuber whose Jack Maynard’s sidekick, knows a thing or a million about Michael Buble, loves musical theatre and is one of the relate-able people alive. His attitude to dieting is one we can all identify with, gym, healthy eating but never being able to resist a treat or two. Mikey’s most used catchphrase is ‘diet starts tomorrow’, and now Mikey’s made something that can help us all indulge in our sweet side- ‘The Diet Starts Tomorrow’ sweet subscription service.

Mikey Pearce’s brand launch was announced today via his Instagram and a YouTuber frenzy advert in the form of a video.

Inviting your friends over for a dinner party is one thing, especially when your friends include Caspar Lee, Oli White, Joe Sugg and Jack Maynard, but it’s another thing to showcase your whole new brand and use your friends as the starring actors, lets hope they charged Mikey mates rates for their promotion.

So what exactly is a Diet Starts Tomorrow box?

“This beautifully crafted selection of delicious treats is hand selected by Mikey every month, allowing you to indulge in your sweet tooth.

Packed full of your favourite sweets and treats such as Strawberry Bon Bons, gourmet Popcorn, classic Pick n Mix and even a giant colourful Lips Lollipop. We’ve also included a retro sweets collection which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face as you take a trip down memory lane.

We think this box is perfect for you to enjoy with friends, family and loved ones and can also be a wonderful gift.

We’re all allowed one treat day, because the Diet Starts Tomorrow.”

If these treats aren’t enough to get your senses going wild every purchase of a 3 or 6 month subscription also has some incredible extra’s as well as the cost per box being discounted you get these awesome perks;

– Exclusive invite to the Diet Starts Tomorrow launch party. (This is more tempting then the sweeties themselves).

– Diet Starts Tomorrow sticker pack

– Signed box with personal message.

We’re so excited for Mikey’s business venture!

If your looking for the very best treat to celebrating getting through your exams or to spoil someone you love, make sure you check the ‘Diet Starts Tomorrow’ website out now!


Written by Niki

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