Why Mikey Pearce’s latest video is helping us open up about mental health

Mikey Pearce is a British YouTube star who’s known for his loud personality and love for his friends. He’s created a space online for fans to feel as if they are friends with him and invites laughter sometimes at his own expense through his content. However, today Mikey uploaded a very different video, one which will make waves even louder with his subscribers. Starting the conversation about mental health.



The video sees Mikey team up with Poet and mental health advocate Hussain Manawar; an artist who shares his struggles in the most lyrical way to do one of the biggest struggles within mental health- staring the initial conversation about not feeling okay with friends.

A shocking 75% of young people who suffer from any form of mental health issues are currently not getting treatment or support, and just over half of all young people are struggling to speak about their mental health because of fear of embarrassment or shame. These statistics are through the roof, and with these statistics from Mind.Org show just how detrimental the impact of suffering in silence can be


Suicidal thoughts 20.6 in 100 people
Suicide attempts 6.7 in 100 people
Self-harm 7.3 in 100 people

Mikey calls on pals Josh Pieters, Caspar Lee, Oli White, Joe Sugg and Jack Maynard to speak about the times which felt darkest to them, and how they sought support from others, whether it was friends, family or professional. From Oli’s doubts he’d be able to follow his passion to Jack’s darkest moments after leaving ‘I’m a Celeb’ the conversations may have been deeper than Mikey’s usual videos, but it was loud and clear that it is not shameful to speak about mental health.

We take our hats off to Mikey, Hussain, Josh, Joe, Caspar Oli and Jack for speaking up about their struggles, and we too urge anyone who is also facing any mental battle to speak up whether it be to a friend at first, a mental health charity or a medical professional.

Details of global charities which could help you can be found here.



“It’s okay not to be okay”

Written by Niki

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