Five Menswear Outfits For The Winter/Spring Transition

That confusing period between Winter and Spring is here, and you don’t know whether to wrap yourself up with five layers or strip down to your shorts and sunnies. But don’t worry, Fuzzable have you covered with some outfit inspiration that will hopefully inspire you to try some new pieces or styles this March.

Long-sleeve shirts

It’s too warm to be wearing layer upon layer and so one great option would be to go for a long-sleeve shirt. This will keep you warm enough if the temperature drops, but also help you to keep things really stylish. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for a patterned or printed shirt to elevate your style even more.

Lighter tones

Keep those darker-coloured pieces with the bad weather. Now that we’re about to hit Spring, it’s all about styling lighter tones in your outfits. Whether this is a pale blue set of jeans or an off-white coloured jacket, a light colour palette will complement the season and your style.


When it comes to successfully layering your outfit, remember that you should be able to remove an outer layer without affecting the rest of your look. Therefore, each piece of clothing you choose has to look great both as a standalone piece, as well as an ensemble. For more tips on how to layer, check out our complete style guide.

Cropped trouser

The cropped trouser is another essential in the Winter to Spring transition, as it’s not only very on trend right now, but it can be easily adaptable to the ever-changing weather. You could wear it with a “no-show” sock for a Spring look, or a longer sock layered underneath for those colder days.

Bold Prints

Use the new season as an excuse to add some new colour or prints to your wardrobe. For example, pairing a set of rust-brown chino’s with a black/white patterned jacket will achieve an effortless and chic look. Great creative and mix up your outfits!

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Written by Chris Bland

Hi there! My name is Chris and I am a 20 year old student from London! I have a passion for fashion (that rhymed!) and love creating content on the latest menswear trends. Say hello on Twitter: @itsbland

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