Men’s Street Style 2017

It’s a new year, so what better time to reinvent your style and add some new pieces to your wardrobe.

Menswear fashion week for Spring/Summer 2017 gave us lots of inspiration, from the latest designer runway collections to the fashion we see everyday on the streets.

Here are some of the best street style trends to rock in 2017…


Monochrome prints featured heavily on the catwalks at fashion week in London and Paris, mirroring the on-going style trend seen on streets all around the world.

Bold graphics and unusual patterns make for a daring statement, but If you aren’t feeling as brave or extrovert, incorporate black and white in more traditional patterns, like bold stripes or ginghams.

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Simple. Clean. Classic.

Wearing head to toe white has long been a favoured style trend. It certainly can be seen as quite a bold look though BUT it isn’t a style we should fear.

Keep it simple, team a pair of white jeans with a white t-shirt or wear an oversized white shirt with a well-tailored white chino.

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Pyjama Prints

Everyone loves their pyjama’s don’t they?

Street style ambassadors worldwide are showing us to how replicate sleepwear references in our everyday style.

Try baby blue teamed with warm beige, striped with plaid pieces in pastel tones or loose-fitting striped linen shirts in light blue with stone wash denim.

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Powder Blue Shirts

‘Boys wear blue’ has long been a binary theory enforced upon us by society. And while I think it’s important to challenge such theories when experimenting with fashion, blue shirts should feature in every males wardrobe.

Whether it’s light blues or lavender versions of powder blue, skinny fit or oversized, a blue shirt can be worn in many a scenario.

6652381-1-trueblue 7134955-1-cashmereblue 7152466-1-skyblue 6995918-1-blue 6861436-1-softblue 6917296-1-blue

Light Wash Denim

Light blue was certainly a popular choice of colour not only on the streets but on the catwalk this past season.

Denim jackets, light wash jeans, dungarees and shirts all feature heavily in fashion right now.

The ultimate for casual wear, invest in some slightly baggy denim jackets for easy over the shoulder accompaniments to white t-shirts or striped sweaters.

6086623-1-bleachedout 6407713-1-bluestone 6763407-1-blue 7395647-1-midblue 6993441-1-lightblue 6841191-1-lightblue


Definitely one of the the most out there colour trends, red was a fan favourite on the streets at Fashion Week.

Be careful when selecting which red pieces you go for though, as too many different shades  in one outfit can look a little over the top and jarring if you’re not careful.

Red tends to look good with dark denim or light, white t-shirts and sweaters.

6876413-1-red 6693119-1-redwash 6087372-1-red 7030109-1-rouge 6430211-1-red 6384211-1-burgundy


Everyone loves a throwback nowadays and the fashion world is no exception.

70’s fashion was famous for it’s rich colour palette, loose fitted buttons, suede and velvet.

Have fun with this style by picking pieces that not only pay tribute to the era but also complement your features and colouring.

6103406-1-camel 6472366-2 6128746-1-tan 6478363-2 6472608-1-black 7116624-1-green


Neckerchiefs are probably one of the easiest street styles/trends to wear.

Giving any outfit an instant boost, neckerchiefs and bandana’s can add a spot colour or put a playful twist on your ensemble.

(Ensuring your knots are neat is tricky though!)

5984009-1-black 6739010-1-red 6119092-1-green

Bomber Jackets

Statement bomber jackets have been a go to piece for a number of years now.

In 2017 it’s good to think outside of the box, so when selecting a jacket try to go for more bolder, vivid colours – particularly light toned emeralds and bright yellows and pinks.

For those of you wanting to keep things more low key, opt for versatile colours with no patterns.

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Written by philip_logan

Contact: Twitter & IG: @philip_logan

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