Men’s bags and accessories from the very heart of Italy in the best Tuscan traditions

The Italian region of Tuscany is famous for its history of leather handicraft industry and leather processing. Leather tradition were born on the Florentine land in the early Middle Ages, and today the descendants and disciples of ancient masters continue the work of their ancestors by creating masterpieces of Tuscan leather art at their small factories.
Men’s accessories trends and design keep changing. However, the Florentines are not only world-famous leather craftsmen, but fashion designers as well.

The Cuoieria Fiorentina brand presents the most uncommon accessories. This brand offers various collections in completely different styles. For example, the current season’s collection includes men’s backpacks, tablet bags and briefcases in the vintage-modern style – the classic models with modern functions, slots for a laptop, iPad and mobile phone. To create them, Cuoieria Fiorentina uses the leather processed according to the ancient Florentine technologies using the vegetable tanning method and barrel dyeing with natural colorings. After this tanning process, leather becomes soft and acquires a vintage appearance, which is highly appreciated by fashion experts all over the world.

The Bridge is another famous brand that uses only the materials that have been processed with natural products without any chemicals. The style of The Bridge accessories is characterized by the classic conservative retro design that resembles the English style of the late XIX and early XX centuries. Italian lawyers, doctors, and politicians like to carry bags and briefcases by The Bridge, thus emphasizing their status and professionalism with their appearance. This brand is well-known in many countries; its products are designed for men who prefer quality and classic chic.

The Italian Florentine brand Ghibli, which produces high-status accessories in the modern conservative business style, is characterized by its individuality. Ghibli uses python leather as the basic material. The leather is processed and dyed by hand at the Ghibli factory. Before being dyed, it is studied by professionals who choose the best color combination for each particular leather piece. 

Therefore, each Ghibli bag is unique, as there is no similar colors and material textures. Ghibli bags are hand made in Tuscany by Italian craftsmen. Every item is custom made and therefore, its offer is limited. Ghibli offers computer and document bags, tablet bags, luggage bags and porte monnaies made of genuine python leather. Ghibli accessories are the perfect choice for active young business people.

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