Melon Music Awards 2019: BTS Shine in Prada and Alexander McQueen

BTS graced the stage at Melon Music Awards 2019, leaving the audience spellbound with their performance. But it was not just their brilliant storytelling that grabbed the eyeballs but also their breathtaking fashion. Donning brands like Prada, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, and Dior, the septet changed through multiple costumes during the event, giving fashion lovers a chance to indulge in their outfit choices. The South Korean group won prizes in galore as they took home several awards including the distinguished Daesang awards. With the help of their talented ARMYs, we have compiled a list of the outfits and accessories BTS opted for the awards, to give you a guide you can refer to anytime, without scrounging for information in the never-ending Twitter feed.

We will keep on updating the list once we get all the details!

About Prada Fall 2019 Collection

With an attempt to create a sublime effect, a phenomenon well popularized by Mary Shelly in her novel Frankenstein, Prada worked around the theme of romance, merging the gothic and the beautiful to bring forth the vulnerability of an individual, who even after being rejected by the world, tries their best to give love and in return, to seek it from others. As shared by Vogue,

“Basically it had to be a romantic show. And mainly I was interested in the understanding of humanity: weakness and the more delicate and naked aspects of humanity also. The rejected . . . the one who doesn’t have a career. It was set against a very tough world—that is why war and military was in the air. But to make it not boring and for the fashion—because fashion has to be light somehow—we borrowed the symbols of trashy horror movies. From Frankenstein to The Rocky Horror Picture Show and all those movies. Frankenstein is the example of the monster with a big, big heart who searches for love.”

The menswear, which BTS donned at the event, had boxy-shouldered suits giving out the vibe of dominance and power, kept in place with a belt wrapped around the outfit thrice. The outfits were complemented with a heart attached with the help of a safety-pin, showcasing the irony of human nature – powerful yet weak. Swipe through this Instagram post shared by a fan account Bangtan India that showcases the complete Prada outfits worn by the septet:

About Alexander McQueen Spring 2020 Collection

A glimpse at Alexander McQueen 2020 collection will immediately bring “English” to one’s mind. With lapels, pinstripes, and symmetrical patterns, the collection stays true to the character – sturdy, masculine, and singular. But there seems to be a scope for diversion. The eponymous designer carve suits with floral embroidery, depicting the changeable nature of the human form, the one that can always be modified beyond the established convention. As Luke Leitch from Vogue explained,

“As in all good McQueen collections, there was an undertow of the unsettling behind the beauty at the surface—a satisfying whisper of the sinister.”

What seemed like a unique set up for BTS turned out to be a continuation of their red carpet look. Typical of Bangtan and Big Hit, the stylists did not leave a single detail out of septet’s presence on the show.

For “Microkosmos”, BTS took Dior and Alex Foxton collection, adding a casual look to their otherwise royal ensemble.

What Did BTS Wear?


  1. Satin Long Coat and Satin Pants
  2. Alexander McQueen Spider and Skull Brooch
  3. Alexander McQueen Black Stone Beetle Pin and Jeweled Skull Ring
  4. Prada Heart Brooch


  1. Satin Wool Jacket
  2. Heart Pin Brooch
  3. Alexander McQueen Frosted Fern Embroidered Single Breasted Blazer


  1. Prince of Wales Silk Thread Jacket
  2. Prince of Wales Compact Silk Thread Pants
  3. Alexander McQueen Spring Collection 2020
  4. Alexander McQueen Square Toe Hammered Leather Ankle Boots
  5. Alexander McQueen Spider Necklace and Spider & Skull Brooch


  1. Mohair Wool Sweater
  2. Pinstripe Pants



  1. Striped Boxy Blazer and Ribbed Knitted Cardigan
  2. Striped Tailored Trouser
  3. Saint Laurent Wyatt Chelsea Boots
  4. DIOR and Alex Foxton Floral Print Technical Canvas Hawaiian Shirt
  5. Black DIOR and Alex Foxton Logo Embroidered Bomber Jacket
  6. Spider Hoop Earrings


  1. Satin-Finish Blazer and Tailored Trousers
  2. Chanel Colour Stone Pierced Earrings
  3. Technical Belt and Saffiano Belt
  4. Opaque Derbies
  5. Prada Safety Pin Heart Brooch
  6. Alexander McQueen Jeweled Skull Necklace, Spider Pendant, Spider Ring, and Spider Hoop Pendant
  7. Alexander McQueen Spring 2020 Menswear Outfit
  8.  Wool and Mohair Single Breasted Suit complemented with Thom Browne Classic Necktie and Mano Mos  glasses


  1. Double-breasted Cotton Gabardine Jacket and Slim-fit Wool Trousers
  2. Three Pasant Belt
  3. Rocksand Brushed Lace-up Shoes and Logo Pin
  4. White DIOR and Alex Foxton Logo Compact Cotton T-Shirt
  5. Blue Technical Corduroy Jacket
  6. Alexander McQueen Jacket


Weaving a narrative right from their debut till 2019, BTS showcased journey of expansion and acceptance. With extravagant outfits and aesthetically crafted stage for their performances, the septet wrote a new chapter in their success story.

Note: The images used in this article belong to the rightful owners. This note is to credit them for sharing the information on social media.

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