Meet: Goddess, Lush’s newest addition to the fam!

If you are a sales lady at the store, a Christmas elf, a die-hard Lush – fan, a regular customer or a complete newbie: This news is going to blow your mind away!!

As you can imagine, Fuzzable consists of some big, big Lush – fans, so breaking this news to you gets us all even more excited.

Bath bombs are some of the most amazing experiences you can treat yourself with. Just add one of these fizzy treasures and the water is going to turn colorful, sparkly, maybe become a jelly lagoon, but it will always smell amazing. You might have had the chance to use, one or two (or many, many more) bath bombs and might be pondering: So, what’s all that hype about? What news should come along there?

Lush does not merely focus on the “fairness” of the sales cycle – from the production of the products until they make their way into the shops. That is, the brand is not just particular about using healthy ingredients to create its products, but also to ensure sustainability from beginning to end. To top it off, another priority is to make the customer – to make YOU – feel simply amazing!

With their newest creation, Lush just stepped up to another level! The brand just introduced us with the newest member of its Lush bath bomb collection and the name sums everything up: GODDESSFor only £5.95 each, this beauty will be yours!

The collection has been made available in the Lush UK- shops and online since 26th October. The lilac and silver swirling bath bomb contain shea butter, jasmine and argan oil (and it’s vegan), so it will properly melt into your skin, while you relax and completely zone out in your bathtub.

All of this can only be topped off by the fact that it’s holographic!! What else is there, to make you feel like a proper goddess when you take a bath with a bath bomb that is going to make it possible to relax in something as colorful as this?

Let us know, if you made to get your hands on this amazing addition to Lush’s bath bomb – fam and send us a tweet to @Fuzzable

Written by Vanessa

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